Somehow there seems to be more to this story than is on the surface?

I wonder if it is all metaphor?



  • Song writers usually have some experiece with what they write about. That's where their inspiration comes from.
    The inspiration for Guns & Roses' "Mr Brownstone" is probably frightening.
  • That is so weird? I always thought the inspiration might come from the voice of people or street? As well what does Mr. Brownstone even mean? Sure if was Mrs brownstone I could guess? But how is dancing scary? How is a English Tudor style home aka a brownstone scary? Wow are knocks scary? Personally I know excellence takes practice. You start of doing a little but as you want to get better you got to do more and more to surpass the platue you were at. From what I have read, this theory does not really work with drugs...they never get better no matter how much more you try...did i miss something?
  • Oh in retro, it is Appetite for Distruction. I too arrived in No Hollywood the same way Axle did aka off a Greyhound or Trailways bus. There was no kindly black man with the shinning for me. Nobody to welcome me to the Jungle and explain I'm gonna die. I simply had to remember what I seed, as well how to take it eventually back from myself. That might have been pay forward back then. The thing about the jungle is, if you simply be an animal like the Ape-man you can be an Apex Tarzan where it becomes your domain. This is where Talent wins over a skill set.
    Funny too they skeletons so basically the living dead.
  • Know what? After some actual thought on the subject, I am probably wrong. I admit it. I forgot what the 80's were like in Hollywood. GnR was a Hair-Band of Prettyboys. Living in LA I just bet they lived in an Apartment w/roomates in the beginning. They would have mostlike had day labor type jobs, mechanic or etc and had to practice after work. Your basic annoy the neighbors hour. Hell i bet when times were tough they would scalp tickets for your place in line to actually buy tickets to i.e. a Hollywood bowl show. You camp out for the front row, just imagine how much money you could make just waiting for somebody else? In other words no different than a Kink movie...just pleasant fiction. Once again, the bitch is tied up...
  • Took you 25 days to respond to your own thread? ???
    Mr Brownstown is a euthanistic term for heroin.
  • Don't assume there are secret deep meanings or great insight to people's doings.
    You'll over-estimate 90% of people.
  • Really I just figured they were a Hair Band back then. brownstones-475x300 So any other colors you want to include in your dope delusion. Maybe black-tar, China White, do you think those last two are even close to each other? Now growing up myself in West Hollywood, you must know G n R band members must of had an apartment? And they probably practiced there too at times. So do you suppose that they Used to due a little but the little got more and more? Just trying to get a little better a little better than before (i assume before the dues or rent were due). Haven't you ever had to hide from the apt manager coming to collect rent? As in he's been knocking, but he wont leave us alone. NOW IN YOUR VERSION EXPLAIN HOW YOUR DRUG KNOCKING? A GIRL CAN PREFORM A KNOCK, BUT THAT WOULD BE A HEROINE. IF they were anything like me, the land lord would be lucky to get the front rent let alone the back rent.
    Oh and I don't assume anything. Especially when it comes to Gun and Roses lyrics....for they are cool ranch dressing. I actually don't have to assume anything, just use a direct translation of the given words without applying euthanistic that how it was totally your song?

  • 'Cause you could be mine
    But you're way out of line
    With your bitch slap rappin'
    And your cocaine tongue
    You get nuthin' done
    I said you could be mine

    You've gone sketchin' too many times
    Why don't ya give it a rest
    Must you find
    Another reason to cry

    While you're breakin' down my back n' I been rackin' out my brain
    It don't matter how we make it
    'Cause it always ends the same
    You can push it for more mileage
    But your flaps r' wearin' thin
    And I could sleep on it 'til mornin'
    But this nightmare never ends
    Don't forget to call my lawyers
    With ridiculous demands
    An you can take the pity so far
    But it's more than I can stand
    'Cause this couchtrip's gettin' older
    Tell me how long has it been
    'Cause 5 years is forever
    An you haven't grown up yet
  • Hey I can make this totally easy... i can sing it for you.
  • swim swam swum is your clue before you ruin Oh that Smell the same way you did the other song. Drown, drownd, drowned, and drowning (Phrases related to DROWND

    Related Phrases
    drown one's sorrows/fears)
  • So have you really identified yet. How about kink and Pretty Tied up? I don't know about you but I m over extended and upside down in my loan, and frankly I should know better at my age...(ride me). Now as for being satisfied with out some pain... I do like the finer things in life... as well the slot machines just piss me off and I will literally throw money at it when i begin to lose because I am mad.
    Cool and Stressing or Cool Ranch Dressing...does it matter how you hear it? IDK I just know that there will be lies, lies and lies. As well your basic smoking gun & ruse..
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