Why no female muscle ladies

How come there no female muscle ladies getting sexually abused on here. I would love to see kellie provocateur get sexual lyrics punished on sex and submission than hogtied site


  • I second that!
  • Matt Williams always said that they wouldn't do it. He tried to get them for Hogtied but they felt their marketability would suffer if they were depicted in submissive roles.
  • edited March 2017
    Too me, it does not matter. We still flock to them no matter what. If you stay dominate 24/7 then I not really into you like that. You have to show dominance and submissive at times. Just use a different name for submissive and dominating use your regular name. Just another persona to me. Create a Dr Jeckly and Mrs. Hyde. Kellie Provocateur loses matches on ultimate surrender and gets pounded with strap on, so why a real male dick on sex and submission is an issue. I think Kink is afraid to showcase a muscle woman as a sexy female who likes sex. Too many of these female muscle ladies are doing porn on thier sites, and known for it kink just brings them for dominating men when they can make it big doing boy girl porn
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