Good News, Everyone!


Due to popular demand, we have brought back zip files of images for the shoots!

If you keep your account logged in all the time, you may not be able to see the new feature without logging out, clearing your browser history, and then logging back in.

Please let us know if you find a shoot that is still missing zips, or if you have issues downloading the image galleries, or anything else.

You can comment on this thread with a link to any shoots with issues, or email

Lastly, the support team wants to give a big, huge, sincere thanks to all the members who spoke up here or wrote in and asked for the photos back. Your voices combined were how we were able to press for this change! All of you who were upset about the loss of photos but stuck with us anyway, we are so grateful to you. For members who cancelled after losing photos, we hope to welcome you back soon!


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