Summer will arrive next week...

Any word on whether there's going to be another 'Summer Smackdown' or other such Naked Kombat competition for 2014?


  • O yes!!! there will be another Summer Smackdown for 2014 rest assured!
  • Good! I can hardly wait... :D
  • Hi Sebastian, I am pretty much looking forward to the Summer Smackdown.
  • Any word on the Summer Smack Down line up for 2014?
  • Is the Summer Smack Down still on the schedule?
  • you bet! we'll have details announced next week!
  • I was thrilled to see the schedule and the fight card. But could you please consider changing the championship match to a one-on-one match. I know you probably want to do it live because live matches seem more exciting, and a tag team match is more feasible because fighters will have enough chance to take a break and recharge in limited time. But tag matches give plenty of room to tagging-and-scoring strategy (not to mention the attacking on the weaker fighter), so we are often denied the opportunity to see fighters really showing their skills. Please reconsider. I would rather watch a recorded one-on-one match instead of a live tag match.
  • Hi Sebastian, just want to say THANK YOU for your hard work in putting the championship together. Two matches so far and they are absolutely awesome. Can't wait to see the other matches. You have lined up such hot guys .. the regulars who are very good (not to mention HOT =)). Thanks !
  • the championship match should be one on one and not a tag team match cause if his partner is weaker he will lose. I know I'm not the only one that feels this way. Why can't they fight one on one. Thanks for the great matches through the year.
  • Missed the final match last night. Who's the champ? Was it a good match? Can't wait to see it, hope the full version gets posted on the live show archive.
  • Why can't they fight one on one for the championship and then you still can have the tag match later. What you think.
  • Will someone tell me. Is Doug the new champ?
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