EB Suggested Scene

I want to see more oiled up, lubed, wet ass. Start with girls oiling each others asses up with panties on, and then some gentle wet panty wedgies, and ass flossing with the panties. Then when the panties come off, move onto to thicker lube for their assholes. I would like to see the lube as a featured sex toy, drizzled on the asshole. In some EB scenes they lube a toy while a girl is getting fucked. I want to see more of that. In particular I want to see the models get lots of lube with butt plugs of various shapes and sizes, perhaps finishing with a strap-on. I like the scenes where a girl is getting fucked and then squirts the dragon come out of her ass, but I'd like to see clear lube pushed out instead. Also, I'd like to see a girl gaping, and having lube drizzled into to the hole. EB could expand anal fetish scenes to include some wet ass and wedgie / panty play (see Reddit).
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