I love this site except for the very frustrating use of the same gags, nearly all of them are symbolic. Just about every video is ruined for me because you keep using little ball gags, bandana gags, bit gags, rope gags. These are useless. The best gag is cloth, socks or undies stuffed in the mouth and then having duct tape wrapped from nose to chin, preferably around the head. Even when you do use duct tape to gag the victim it is not tight in most instances. Another good gag is the spider/dental gag which does have an affect on the sound coming from the victim. If a sock/undies was stuffed in his open mouth it would make the world of difference. Even better if tape was placed over that whole gag.

My favourite scenes are when you use two vibrators on the victim's cock. Also the continuous cock sucking and milking. These would be just about perfect scenes for me if the victim was gagged as I have mentioned above. Another favourite gag for me is by a hand planted firmly over the victim's mouth while he is being milked or sucked. If this happens it is usually only for a small amount of time.

I find I am saving the videos and editing to get small clips with my favourite little bit of the video because of the type of gags leaving me flat.

Hope no one takes offence at my suggestion/comments but I reckon it's no point gagging somebody if there is no muffling of sound.

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