Sex and Submission Scene Idea

Hi friends at Kink,

I have a fantasy that I have rarely if ever seen portrayed on Kink or anywhere else: A male/female couple is taken captive, dominated, enslaved, and over time they are trained and turned into slave sex toys. They belong to another dominant couple, or perhaps a single Master. The submissive couple become well-trained, docile and obedient slaves. Their Master uses them together or individually. The Master may use the female slave and command the male slave to watch and assist, or the other way around, depending on his desires at the time. Sometimes the couple are commanded to perform or fuck for their master, but it is always under the complete control of their Master and for His pleasure only.

Is this an appropriate scene for S&S or another channel?



  • It's a nice idea. S&S is typically 1 female and 1 male only. Maybe The Upper Floor or Hardcore Gangbang is better suited for their group content.
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