Psycho ANAL-ysis

Female Performer Holly Heart
Male Performer: Tommy Pistol,

DIshelved and cum-covered slut Holly Heart is explaining her serious sex addiction to the sweaty Tommy Pistol. She explains how of 50 minutes ago she was Dr. Holly Heart: renowened psychologist. Normally quite prim and proper, it wasn't until she agreed to see a new patient in the form of Tommy Pistol that things took a turn for her.

Tommy claimed to be suffering from a severe case of sex addiction and Doctor Heart believed she could help him. But after listening to Tommy's rough and deviant tales of his sexual exploits, she didn't realse that she was beginning to masturbate and her pussy becoming wet with desire. But the doctor is committed to helping Tommy, so she insists that he demonstrate his behaviour: on her.

As soon as he feels up her tits, it doesn't take long for the good doctor's glasses to come off. Holly dives onto Tommy's eagar dick, throwing her face on it for a messy, aggressive blowjob. Tying her up, she submits his deviate ways of dildos, ball gags and bomdage. He relentlessly fucks her pussy all over her couch, fucking that uptight ass and pussy as she begs for more. Holly screams for Tommy's thick cock.

As he cums all over her face, Tommy has concluded that she is a cum drunk whore and needs a daily dose of his dick and places a ball gag in her mouth in the meantime...


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