kara needs to do anal scene

mistress kara needs to do anal scene


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  • you know, waiting and drinking tea B-)
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    I think it's time to make Kara filthy suggestion)))
  • Personally, I would suggest that Mistress Kara grow her hair back. She is a strong woman who doesn't need a butch haircut to express her dominance. One of the things that I appreciate about Kara is the contrast between her feminine and masculine sides. Making herself "appear" more masculine diminishes this contrast. I believe that it is the contrast between her submissive, feminine appearance and her dominant, masculine behavior that is appealing to many. It also serves as a reminder to us that we must not necessarily be that which we appear to be. We can all be anything we want.
  • Hairstyle is a part of the image. Quite a lot of people, as you know, are very typical with age to change it. And Kara in this regard is no exception.
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