Are you suddenly missing some shoots in your Stuff?

Hi everybody!

Our support team has become aware today of a glitch which is now causing some members with more than 20 shoots in their library to be unable to view all of their shoots.

Please know that the support team knows about this issue and is already working on it. Feel free to email if this has affected your account, they will be happy to take care of you.

Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.


  • gosh...thanks guys!!!! You're always on top of things!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Sorry if this a change of subject, but do you know anything about amputees who do porn? I'm asking you because you work in this industry.
    The question is are the models who appear in amputee porn really missing their arms or legs? or are those pictures of normal women that have been photoshopped?
    If somebody thinks this is disgusting, maybe you are right.
    On the other hand, a quad amputee has to earn a living somehow. If a beautiful woman is missing her limbs, there ARE perverts who would love to see her in a video. She could make lots of money, and she could accomplish something that nobody else could do.
    Look, if she has a mouth, a vagina and an anus she has what a man really needs. If she is pretty, there are many men who would be absolutely delighted to have her to take care of.
    This is not unlike a woman who's hands and legs are bound, and she is in a situation where she can't run away and she has to submit to whatever she is subjected to. The first thing to do to her is put duct tape on her mouth, so she can't scream or bite you.
    n.b. in no way am I suggesting that any women losing their limbs is a good thing.
    But if they are already gone, she can still be sexy to some people.
    My interest in this is that I hope that some day there will robot courtesans on the market that have a price I can afford. A quad amputee sexbot will be cheaper to make and could be on the market sooner than other types of women.
    A pornstar who is is a quad amputee is someone we guys need, to stimulate this industry.
  • @goeller - I think this comment will get more discussion if you start a new thread with this as your topic.
  • Dear kink_tech-support,

    I miss a Sasha Grey shoot. I think at Wired Pussy.
    Here are two pictures about this shoot:

    Sasha Grey 0

    Sasha Grey 16

    Thanks a lot.

    All the best
    Have a very nice time
    SirMastermind Peter


    For whatever reason it’s not available in HD and the scenes are separate but it’s still there.

  • @SirMastermind

    I was able to find the three following WiredPussy shoots with Sasha Grey, but I did not locate one that matched the above photos. Here are the links just in case:

    Here is a shoot that seems to match the photos above:

    I hope this helps!

    Kink Tech Support

  • From it's shoot #, 4466, it's an old low res shoot and things do happen to those files.

  • The shoot number is too new for it to be pre-HD. It's because the original footage was lost or corrupted so it wasn't included in the big re-encode years ago.

  • Dear Kink_tech_support,
    Dear Weyoun,

    Thank you very much indeed for your help.

    Best regards
    Have a very nice time
    SirMastermind Peter

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