where can i purchase toys used in shoots?

hello all. i'm just wondering where if at all i could purchase toys (in particular the few different dildos) that are used in the shoots on the site. i'm having a hard time finding them in the kink store. maybe someone could post a link or share what brand they are? thanks :)


  • It's difficult to know without a description, but they do use some toys which they don't sell in the store. Look at Bad Dragon or Square Peg's websites, I'd expect it's from there (I think the kink store sells items from both of these brands, but I've seen them use some toys from these makes which they don't sell).

    As I've mentioned on a separate thread, I'd love to see some different toys being used. EverythingButt is getting a bit stale, and different toys would be a cheap way of doing something new. I remember a few years back when EverythingButt started using the Slink, I'd never seen anything like it before, and it got lots of attention (there were loads of comments about it). In the last couple of years, Square Peg have launched some amazing looking new toys, I'd love to see a few of the new designs in action - longneck, cleaved, large pegger thrasher, or even their large acorn plug, as the soft material they use makes a bigger size easier to take and thus better viewing!
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