Bring back Jackson Fillmore with Christian Wilde

Hey! I think 'Mr. Wilde Shows Cocky Executive Who's the Boss' is the best video this year. I think you should consider to make a Part 2 asap What do you guys think?
PD: Christian Wilde in leather and gloves is definitely EVERYTHING


  • I second that! I really liked the concept of the shoot. Normally we have either pure dungeon scenes or fantasy scenes. I think you should mix it up a little more. For the Dom it's always easier to have something to work with. Some goal you want to achieve, some reason why the boy has to be punished, etc. That gives you something to talk about apart from stereotypes. It brings more variety without drifting away from customers expectations too much.

    There is so much more potential in the concept of house Doms and house slaves. I would like to learn more about it. Sebastian: ask yourself how you would (reallistically) run a house like that. Do you have slave quaters? What are the slaves duties and daily chores? Do they have free time and/or permission to leave the house sometimes? What about workout plans and health checks at the doctor? The more detailed your fantasy gets, the more possible scenarios will come from it. A lot of reasons why one of your boys fucked something up an needs punishment. Reasons why someone needs extra training lessons and so on. There is no need to put all of that on film, a short intro scene with some lines would be enough to create a background fantasy.

    I gave up any hope that I might get a direct answer to my suggestions... :)
    But I try it anyway, because sometimes, when I am coming back to BG after a year or two, I find some of the things the members suggested earlier had somehow found their way into a shoot. As a german proverb says: Better late than never.


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