Modding or protecting the magic wands?

Greetings, people behind the Kink!

I'd like to know how you fix your magic wands to take all the squirting, lube etc they are subjected to in your shoots? Maybe give us a tutorial? I have a good old metal headed Hitachi wand that I can get cheap replacement heads for from China for few bucks but I'd feel more safe and secure if it was properly sealed like the ones in your shoots.

I've figured out it's quite ok to take off the cap and clean it all with water and soap as long as I don't let water inside the thing and then letting it dry properly. No issues so far after years of use. However it'd be so much easier to clean if I didn't have to do that.

We also have a bunch of attachments but they are only as long as the cap and don't protect the joint or the inside of the head very well.


  • The one thing I know about magic wands and even though I own one myself I am no expert .

    But I learned from the now "non updating" website kink university . That the motor vents through the Collier where the head is attached

    So it is never a good idea to cover that venting hole,
    Otherwise the motor will over heat .Think there was some story about a porn actress considering a lawsuit with Hitachi because she covered the hole by inserting it it inside her vaginal opening .
    Wish kink university was still around even though they did talk about sex toy care In various sex toy videos .
    They could have done a video on how to clean and take care of sex toys .

    , Maybe try a search on Hitachi magic wand care or something.
    Have not got much of an opportunity to use mine . Think I was Olney able to use it once but the one time i did use it i covered the head with a condom and used a small amount of lube. again being carful not to use it inside the young lady's orifice . I do not think it is supposed to be used internally .

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