cowgirl vs. cowboy

hi there, at the beginning of "men in pain" you have done some videos in the wild west style. i would love to see a new movie in high quality with this theme. may i tell you my concrete idea? there is a strong cowboy in boots, leather chaps, gloves, a vest, bandana and cowboy hat. in his outfit he is thinking that he is the biggest western hero. but then is a blonde cowgirl appearing. she is dressed in leather thigh high boots, gloves, bandana and a cowgirl hat. she is showing to the cowboy who is the boss in the wild wild dirty west. i am thinking of some chaps-ass spanking, face slapping, boots licking and so on... the cowgirl and the cowboy are wearing their outfit in the entire movie. that would be sooooo great! could you do such a movie in this style?


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