Natural hairy female shoot in KINK world.

Any female in this world, looks more attractive and beautiful in her natural looks. Natural looks in the scene, there is no shaving in her pubic and armpits area. I and many other peoples like me would love to see such natural beauty in KINK world. Such as divine bitches, public disgrace, upper floor and other, female should be hairy. Or KINK can introduce special category for "hairy bitches'.

It will be awesome to watch real natural female looks in KINK world.

the biggest kink lover.


  • waiting for such hottest shoot :x

  • 'bush' is becummmming more popular ...
    whether KINK has much control on whether Models be shaved or unshaven isnt or hasnt been a subject KINK discusses outright...
    your interest in seeing armpit hair - there are very few vid-Models that have any
    although there are KINK-Live cam models that were seen ...not sure if there are any

    but i can see KINK increasing more vids with more hair vs naked-hot-pockets
    doubtful to c more female armpit hair...(imko)

    .... Enjoy ... KINK-ON.....
  • Well, let's not forget that it's a preference of yours (and many others), not some sort of axiom that unshaven/hirsute women are objectively more attractive than those without pubic or armpit hair. And for everybody asking for X, you better believe it'll get ten people complaining about its inclusion. But I'd agree that more diversity would be nice- the only two performers fitting this description that I can recall ever seeing here were Bianca Stone and Jiz Lee.

    Unfortunately, unless a model wants to be in the natural/hairy porn niche, or shoots infrequently, the demands by most mainstream companies mean they just don't have the time to grow out their pelts, as it were.
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