Chained Giants

Hey I have to tell you this is the BEST site(s) I have ever joined and I LOVE EVERY SHOW you guys made. I love seeing muscle men being edged, whipped, jerked and made cum and the shows really satisfy my fatasy. While you guys made great show, I just wonder if you can consider of making some special show on a theme of "captured giants". I have a fetish of seeing tall muscle guy being controlled (escpecially when they are chained in a standing posture) by a guy (or guys) much shorter than him. the dominators like Van and Sebastian are gorgerous but they are quite tall (6') and sometimes when they stand beside a tall bound guy (6 feet one, 6 feet 2...) the guy is just a bit taller. So I just wonder if u can introduce some very tall guy so the height difference is a bit significant, or a dominator much shorter (if better, not so muscled, really love the idea of big giant muscle guy being played by a short twink) - that will make the show more exciting...

Again great shows and thank you for the pleasures you have been bringing me every night. kisssssssses
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