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my partner really gets off on anal ... any hints ?


  • Watch some shoots and see what you would like to try...
  • I'd love to see DS get another shot at it if content was more extreme. My only problem is the content they had (save a few scenes) was never hard enough to warrant the name it was given. SAS and HCGB have far more extreme content so DS was never really good enough to compete with either of those sites. DS needed for ball gags, handcuffs, blindfolds and darker themes to warrant the "dungeon" name.

    However the Fucked and Bound content was fabulous! But I don't think Kink was faithful to that product and so DS was a watered down version.
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    Visit Everything Butt for everything anal. Great ideas! Rough, though. Start with one finger or a small toy.
    Better getting off on anal sex than getting off only on Ferrari cars!
  • Thanks Jimbo, my only issue is I'm not a big strap-on G/G fan but some of it is fantastic!
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