A little fantasy roleplay

Hello. I really don't know if this is a good place to talk about one's fantasy, but i do have one that i would like to share. it is fairly simple really. If anyone has their own kinky fantasy, don't hesitate on posting your own.

Like i said it is fairly simple. I am a patient in a psychiatrist room because i was having hallucinations of my hot EX just lurking at the corner of my eye. Almost anyone that i know think i am going nuts. The psychiatrist then tells me to close my eyes and try to get into the deepest memory of the kinky EX. That is when the memories start to become....vivid.


  • My mom lures me to her work (to fix my chronic masturbation problem)where she strips me and puts me in a gyro chair (strain me down) and proceeds to give me a medical urethra sounding hj till I cum, then puts me in chastity.

    b) my sex ed teacher at school works at divine bitches, basically she's unhappy with my progress in class so both punishes and teaches me
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