Great Changes coming to Kink and Everything Butt for the members!!!

Hi Members!

Some of you may have noticed changes to Everything Butt — we are in the process of moving Everything Butt, and our other sites, to a new platform with improved functionality. This process should be completed for all members by Monday the 8th of August. But more importantly, we’re giving you access to even more Kink!

Once Everything Butt fully makes the move to the new platform, existing members will get access to the vast libraries of Everything Butt, Divine Bitches, Ultimate Surrender, Whipped Ass, ElectroSluts, Men in Pain and Wired Pussy — that means in addition to Everything Butt, you’ll be able to watch everything from Ultimate Surrender to Whipped Ass as well. It’s our way of saying thanks for not only bearing with us during the migration, but for being a dedicated member of the community. Also, make sure to catch the Hot New Updates on Whipped Ass, Divine Bitches and Ultimate Surrender this week.

Throughout the history of Kink, we’ve been approached by members who want an all access pass to the entire Kink network — traditionally something reserved only for those who worked for the company. But because of the limitations of our old platform, we couldn’t offer it to members. That’s changing, too.

This summer, we’re excited to finally announce Kink Unlimited — existing members can now access every scene in Kink’s entire network is now available for a flat price of $49.99. If you’re currently an active member, contact our support team for the upgrade.

If you have any questions about how you might be affected by our new platform works, or to upgrade your current membership, contact

We can’t wait for you to start enjoying the new and improved Kink!


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    Thanks for keeping us up to date Ariel!
  • I´m a member at EB for about 4 years now and I was always satisfied with the content and with the weekly updates. Yes, I´m really a big fan of the EB philosophy. Especially since there were only women to watch and no more men. Maybe I´m too critical now, but I think I´m not far away from quitting my membership at EB. 3 weeks ago the new website was installed. Well, I don´t like the new presentation. Everything has become more complicated and confusing. But that would not be the main reason for me. Maybe it´s only a question of becoming familiar with the new appearance. We members were told that we get access to more libaries here. Ok, perhaps this will be delightful for many. I for instance now have access to "Sex & Submission", "Public Disgrace", "Bound Gangbangs", "Hardcore Gangbang", "Fucking Machines", "Dungeon Sex". I really gave a try to all of them but to be honest: I don´t like none of these. The styles are not for me. And I really don´t want to see any dicks and sausages. That´s simple fact. Well, I could say I got a bad break, so it´s my personal problem. But it wouldn´t be as disappointing if EB would be updated furthermore weekly. But now I have to wait at least 2 weeks for updates and got as compensation access to libraries I don´t like. Not very pleasing. I´ll give EB a try for the next 5 updates but if I should be still disappointed all in all I will quit my membership. Sorry but I had to tell you this.
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