Force BI, Cuckold

I would love to see at least one movie with some real BI action. One or two dome command their hubby to take cock in his ass rather than we do force BJ. Is it possible to make this theme reality in Divine bitches. I know lot of people think its gay but its not. its a fantasy. i have been in this site for long time but still haven't seen that kind of clip. please do it for at least once.


  • I agree! We need to see more of this!! Hope MMM sees this and does something
  • Meanwhile there's only one scene where the sub takes it in his ass for the domme! It's an oldie but it's the only scene where a man fucks another man on Divine Bitches! It stars Ashley Edmonds and Will Jasper! Check it out
  • yeah i remember that. but that nearly 4 or 5 years old. we need some new ones but unfortunately non of the admin think about that kind of fetish. all of them think its not appropriate for divine site.
  • Hey if you're on Twitter why don't you leave a tweet for MMM?! May be she sees and something might happen!!
  • I am new to Divine bitches but have downloaded about 184 hours on Kink. Bi is not gay. I think a forced bi anal scene would be great for DB's. If the administration doesn't want to pursue it what about a Bi site?
  • "Force BI, Cuckold" got me to end my MiP/DB subscription, a decision I took during a liveshow, (yes they had those), with such acts.
  • I love the forced bi material and also the sissy and feminization videos. The training of dixie and her forced high voice still is one of my favorites. I wish there could be a little more that type of scene as well.
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