Men On Edge Suggestions

*I'd really like to make a few suggestions for Men On Edge, which is my absolute favorite part of the site!!!
I would really like to see the returns of Dominic Pacifico, Morgan Black, Chris Harder, Andrew Blue, Connor Maguire, Christian Wilde, Luke Adams, Abel Archer, Sam Truitt, Jett Jax, Trevor Spade, Lance Hart, James Riker, Duncan Black, Cameron Kinkaid, Hayden Richards, Will Park, Parker London, Tyler Alexander, Rob Blu, Colby Jensen, Blake and Devin Adams. Logan McCree, if possible.
*I would like to see more full videos with Sebastian Keys and Jackson Filmore that are longer than 20 mins each and involve more than one position and more gags, etc.
*I would also like to see some new faces in Jay Smooth, Will Braun, Logan Pierce, Lance Taylor, Derek Atlas, Phenix Saint, Johnny Rapid, Chad White, Max Evergreen, Robby Echo, CJ Michaels, Ashton Summers, Derek Allan and more!
*There needs to be more men of color on here as well!
*I would love to see more than one man get edged at the same time - Sebastian Keys, Christian Wilde, Lance Hart would be awesome, etc. It's been done like maybe twice on here and would be AMAZING!
Sorry for this super long message, but I adore this site and have had continuous subscriptions since it first began and so I'd like to make some suggestions to help improve the content. I think it would be awesome to reach out to men from other sites like or as well to find some amazingly beautiful guys for us!
I know men like Jay Smooth and Logan Pierce have only done straight porn, but they would be a DREAM COME TRUE. Thanks so much!


  • Seth Santoro too! Can't believe I forgot him! I'd love to see him back!
  • Where is Jessie Colter??? Sebastian wish you would team-up again with Christian and
    Jessie. You three or two were really HOT on MOE. Van where are your super heroes
    in Men On Edge???
  • Sebastian, can you get Phenix Saint on MOE??? Was so happy to finally see Jessie!!
  • I noticed that John Magnum did a shoot for one of the partner sites, any chance we can get him back for another MOE, the last one was 2012. Also, get Griffin Barrows back and edge him in device bondage, like you did with Chris Price, I loved the inescapable bondage that restricted his movements, we just needed a prostate massager and some hitachis for his cock and nipples to push him over. Nice work
  • I forgot, there is another model Luke longwood aka Wes Baker that could do with some bound edging and another called Aspen that did some light bondage with other sites that would be awesome for MOE.
  • I would like to recommend we get Derek Bolt on MOE and Bound Gods.

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