Film Maker/Director Wanted

Is there any Film Maker/Director out there looking for sexy, erotic and very stimulating material?
I am a published author, my 'nom de plume' is Martine de Sade. At present, I have 2 books published on Amazon and Smashwords. I would like to talk with a Film Maker (- Kink? -) about turning my short Novella called 'The Weekend' into a shortish movie-length film, maybe around 45 mins long. My brutal Novella “The Weekend” tells of the craving and desire that unfolds when Mistress Amber takes her slave for a weekend to a beautiful, secluded country residence. From the moment she pulls her naked hooded slave out of the car to present itself to their hostess, the wicked and darkly seductive Mistress Zara, the tone is set for two days of lustful depravity. As the weekend progresses, the two Mistresses develop a perverse hunger for each other, while making their respective slaves perform intimate and twisted acts for their Mistresses’ sadistic amusement. With screams of ecstasy and pain filling Mistress Zara’s ‘Dungeon of Lust’, it becomes increasingly clear that dark forces are at work, gradually enveloping Mistress Amber and her slave until there is no turning back…

Much of the inspiration for the story’s highly erotic material is drawn from my personal experiences in domination and training. The content is provocative and authentically compelling, restraining the reader in a constant state of arousal.

I have also published a selection of very kinky short stories call 'Erotic, Depraved & Perverse' each one of which lends itself perfectly to be turned into a very kinky and highly erotic short film.

I have enjoyed’s productions for many years now and is certainly a leader in its field. However, it is also true that in order to stay ahead of the game and retain its position as a market leader, Kink must constantly innovate and re-invent, and explore new directions to retain market position and build market share.

The current scenarios that Kink currently offer are varied but there is often a certain element of ‘here we go again’ with the scenes and content. I believe there’s a market for short films involving a STORY, with a start and a finish, rather than the more usual scenario where the clip opens with the girl ‘struggling’ in her bonds just before her Dominant walks in, who then proceeds to whip her. These scenarios have become contrived and predictable these days, and are duplicated on so many other sites around the world.

My stories lend themselves to dramatization and can be shot low budget.

I will be pleased to send a copy of my books free to any film maker/director. Just email me on

To anyone else reading this, you may also email me at this address and request a copy.

Martine de Sade

P.S. Google Martin de Sade to check my authenticity.
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