Last Live Show!

Hi Members -

This Saturday, June 4th, marks an important milestone and change taking place on the Upper Floor, as we will be broadcasting our final live show. The Upper Floor will still host monthly parties that will be hosted on site, but these shows will no longer be broadcast live.

We know that you have enjoyed joining the party on The Upper Floor Live over the years and we will continue creating the most authentic hardcore BDSM extravaganza’s to share with you on We will be sharing these amazing shoots with current members and with our newest product Kink Unlimited - the All Access pass to Kink’s entire network for one low price! To get help switching to KinkUnlimited from your current membership, please contact

Thank you for all your participation and support over the years with these wonderful live shows, and we hope you enjoy the many benefits of your membership and KINK UNLIMITED moving forward.


  • may I actually find out why they are stopping the streaming? My wife and I have gone to the parties several times, and we find the streams much hotter than the edited version, as the actors are so on the edge, where the guest are really the highlight, more believable.
    I hope you reconsider your new business plan
    Or better yet, also sell the unedited versions, that show more of the guest
  • After hearing all the good tales of the live TUF shows, was seriously considering membership to TUF.
  • I just canceled my subscription
  • The idea of The Upper Floor as an Edwardian House has changed so many times since its inception in Peter Acworth's brain that TUF has now finally hit bottom by being just another studio event and shoot.
  • this is crazy i just got the subscription because i thought the live shows where still going on ima cry. thats 315.59 down the drain
  • Went to the Dec party, and the rumor from all was that was the last Upper Floor party
    Both guest and some employees
    Going to move his operation to Vegas
  • I've just feel that my interest in bdsm recovered after years and I finally have enough money for premium porn. And ta-da! Such a disappointment :-( Kink absolutely changed. No more live shows anymore, such a loss. Parties was the coolest one at the kinkdotcom. I really really hope big bosses will change their minds. Buying pron pointless while there are tons of free tube-site and cheap as hell cam-sites. The only thing I'm really ready to pay a significant price are live shows in old fashioned TUF-style parties.
  • Don't think the old TUF is going to happen any time soon if at all. They said a couple months ago they were planning a TUF party again for Folsom, but none of us reg have heard shit

  • Kink has been "evolving" over the past few years.
    Time will tell where this evolution leads Kink.

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