Derek Pain is coming back.

Hey :)

I have been booked for June 24th for will be interesting as my body is almost back to virgin from the hiatus:)
I think my scene partner is Christian Wild..great guy with great sex appeal. Since my interaction with him at Folsom I discovered his skills as a top have become top notch. I need ideas to present to BG per Vans request so anything you have in mind post it under this discussion.

Yes I am as resistive as ever maybe more so and as sarcastic..respect is earned not given right;)



  • I am thinking of a couple of scenes:
    1-mummy is discovered and taken out of its sarcophagus ..still wrapped up the museum caretaker discovers its still in pristine condition and decides to torment he starts to unwrap the sweating glistening muscle man...slowly body part by body part...eventually he uses some rope to tie it and hoist it into, (suspension? perots perch position), a position where his naked body can be examined and played with.
    Expand on this...?
    eventually he fucks it ..ties it back up and puts it back into the sarcophagus.

    2-Western tight jeans...
    A cowhand is working up a sweat moving hay around or sacks of grain when another walks in and is turned on by the sweating muscled body...he overpowers or convinces the cowboy and ties him up in tight positions...flogs him with a flogger or whips him with a single tail...the cowboy is gagged and tied to wooden posts..still in his jeans which the dominant, (leadhand-term for horse or cow ranch manager), cuts & tears off his tight jeans..ties him over a saddle or ties his hands behind him rips his undwear off his ass and force dunks his head in a horse trough while he fucks him... lifting his head up between a few thrusts and back down and fucks him and forces him to suck his cock.
    expand on this...this?
  • Couple of good ideas, Derek. But come on. A flogger? No cowboy has ever been flogged with a flogger. Cowboys are whipped with a bull whip. Or, Derek, is that too much for you to handle????

    I am going to expand on a post made by Caradas in a previous forum in regards to an interrogation scene. How does one go about getting the information out of the captive (Derek) that is needed? He could be hung naked by his ankles above a tank of water and then slowly lowered into the water head first. Once he is submerged to his shoulders, he then will be whipped with a single tail. After five lashes, he is brought out of the water and asked to give the information needed. Of course, he doesn't so tit clamps are than attached to his nipples and he is lowered back into the water. After another five lashes, he is brought up and again refuses to answer the questions. Weights are then added to his tit clamps and he is submerged a third time. After another five lashes, he is brought up to be interrogated a third time with no results. After being lowered back into the water, he again is whipped but this time the tip of the whip gets entangled in the weights hanging from his right tit clamp. When the interrogator jerks the whip back, the clamp is ripped off of his nipple. But Derek still refuses to provide the information needed. One last time he is lowered back into the water and this time the clamp on his left nipple is ripped off when the tip of the whip entangles in the weights. However, after 25 lashes and extreme nipple torture, Derek still refuses to divulge the information. The interrogators then move on to different tortures. He is staked out naked in the hot sun. Still no response from the captive. Then it is on to a crucifixion where he is viciously chest flogged, more nipple torture, and electro torture on his cock and balls. But will Derek finally crack and give his captors the information they want???

    Another possible punishment for Derek to endure is to have him in a full push up position above two eyelets that have been screwed into the floor. Nipple clamps have been attached to his nipples. A bungee cord is then attached to each clamp and then stretched down so the other end of the cord can be attached to the eyelets. Derek is then sentenced to complete an impossible number of pushups. If a clamp should happen to tear off during his attempted completion of the pushups, it is immediately reattached. After giving it everything that he possibly can, he collapses in total exhaustion unable to complete his sentence. He then is strung up by his wrists, weighted clamps still on his nipples, and is whipped several lashes for each pushup he was unable to complete.

    I look forward to reading scenarios that other members want to see Derek endure.

    And Van, can we expect a double billing? If you have him out there for a Bound Gods shoot, you might as well do a 30 Minutes shoot also, right???

  • Awesome news that Derek is coming back - LONG OVERDUE. How about using some Cavelo drawings as inspiration!
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    predicament bondage. tie my wrists behind my back then run a rope from your wrists up to the ceiling and pull it taut enough to force me to bend forward at the waist. Then tie a rope around my balls to a hook in the floor between my feet, and pull it tight enough to make me have to bend your knees.

    And then what?

    Add your desires to this :
  • That's a great start to begin the ball work. To continue with predicament torture I would have you tied lying down and face up on the floor mat and have weight pulleys tugging painfully on your sore nuts. The only way to keep the pressure off your balls is to keep your extended legs raised a few inches. This only works for a few minutes until your leg and ab muscles give out and you can't keep your legs up. You get to wince in pain while your nuts suffer and our boners get stiffer and harder. You get a minute or so rest then the torture resumes indefinitely. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. When you are finally allowed to stand up again you can hardly hold your muscled form together your legs, balls and core are a mess of soreness.Then you are suited up in that tight body building posing suit from your profile pic. It is now a moving challenge for you to feel that tight suit on you. You are then walked to a room where new challenges await you. When you enter you notice 2 things : the strapping man's form of Christian wearing nothing but an epic hard on. Christian is standing in front of one of another sight for sore eyes : a cross attached to an interesting mechanism --- it is attached to a giant wheel mechanism so that the muscled, built man who will eventually be tight and strapped to that cross can be rotated part way or all the way upside down. This way the sadistic dom can get better access to any part of the crucified sub's tortured, suffering body. Once Derek sees Christian and the cross like this he realizes that his ordeal will only get tougher before he has earned the privilege to hang from the cross. Derek's power built, taunt, muscled physique is put on display. Derek is made to make perfect, competition style body building poses, even though his body is racked with pain. Watching Derek strain to keep perfect poses while his ultra sore body is tested is made even more interesting when he starts to get flogged. Whenever Derek breaks from perfect posing form he is suitable punished with cruel punches to the hot ball sack of his posing suit. Each punch Derek takes nearly brings tears to his eyes and he is give a moment to recover and even look at the cross where he will eventually find himself … and then another relentless crack of the whip hits Derek's physique. After watching Derek slowly and relentlessly broken down this way he is finally allowed to walk while trembling to his crucifixion station. Even fake punches to his ball sack are a challenge to this broken man. In front of the cross his posing suit is pulled off him and Derek is allowed to hug the arms of the cross that will suspend him. A moment of pleasure comes over him when he can feel his hard dick pressed against the wood of the cross while his arms and chest and legs are securely strapped to his desired crucifixion station … much flogging, ball sack punching and much more await Derek.
  • How about tortures to his tightly bound fingers, thumbs, hands, toes and feet. Variety of midieval tortures
  • June 24 is approaching. It has been an ordeal in itself that Derek has not been back to Bound Gods, even criminal to be made to wait a year and a half. Lots of very cool scenes posted here from DP's fans and from Derek himself which puts BG in a category by itself reading what he craves and lives for.

    I have a scene that doesn't involve as much torture for Derek but I think is mind blowing fun and helps get the creative juices flowing.

    It's the International Mr. Leather competition. The event's sponsors have come up with a twisted way to get their sadistic jollies.

    They set aside a room which looks like it should have been kept locked but the door is open.

    Derek Pain has been bound and warehoused in this room gagged and standing with his arms bound behind his back. The room has PLENTY of hard core S & M play gear. Any guy who chances on his room and is a Derek Pain worshipper will find it impossibly hard to resist the temptation to work over Derek and use him. This is a once in a lifetime chance to act out the sadistic and perverted fantasies about Derek that they have been harboring in their dreams for a very long time.

    Each a guy who succumbs to his sadistic fantasies get a short while, maybe 10 minutes of divine play. He can even see his own reflection in the mirrors along with Derek Pain's muscled physique and he can hardly believe he is getting to do what only privileged doms like Van Darkholme and Christian Wilde get to do.

    Unknown to these guys is that one of the mirrors is a 2 way mirror. The Bound Gods doms are watching and enjoying the fun tremendously.

    After a short while, each guy who has helped himself to Derek's godlike body will be surprises when another door opens and they are bound and gagged themeslves. They will continue luring guys into this evil trap until they have half a dozen or so guys who will be bound standing with their hands behind their backs, gagged and each of them will have their balls strung up tightly so that the slightest pull on them will make them moan and wince and stagger back and forth in pain.

    The perverse beauty of this scene is that all of these guys' tightly bound nuts will be tied to wire pulleys that will be threaded together at the top. This way, whenever a dom tugs on the pulley, all 8 or 10 guys will start moaning and wincing in pain at once.

    The sight of an entire roomful of guys in this merciless predicament will be so mind blowing hot no dom can resist blowing off his load. In fact, all of the doms will drain their loads off one after another until they even start coming dry. The turn on will be that great that these sadists just have to keep on coming and coming.

    Derek's frustration is that he will be gagged and completely unable to tell any guy what the consequences will be for these unfortunate guys when they walk in the room. They completely misunderstand what Derek's alarmed expressions and eyes mean.

    Derek's challenge will be that he is continually worked over by somewhat enthusiastic and unexperienced doms who overdo it and Derek will start to give out from all the rough hurried torture treatment.

    He will be helpless to put a stop to it and learn to appreciate what it means to be in an experts hands and be slowly worked to a tortured state by a seasoned sadist like Van.

    Finally, after guy after guy continually chancing upon Derek, he will finally feel just how much Derek's fan base craves and worships his body. Derek will finally be overwhelmed by the endless rough torture he starts to cry out and tries to yell through his gagged mouth by it is to no avail. His tormenters do not listen and they are too aroused by the twisted fun they are having will all of the tortured male slave material they have to amuse themselves. Derek will feel more alone and helpless than he has ever felt.
  • Derek came back and he did so with a vengeance. This shoot has to be one of the most challenging shoots Derek has ever done.

    The tight, restrictive bondage in the mummification segment must have been very demanding on him. His total inability to move any part of his body would have caused a sense of total panic.

    Then came the ruthless flogging he endured and even so, he begged for more. His writhing in agony as he was flogged while he was suspended showed the enormous pain he suffered through. But he kept egging Christian on to hit him harder.

    The only downside to the shoot was the failure to show the bondage positions that Van threatened him with during the interview at the beginning of the shoot. Was the segment cut from the final version or was it never filmed at all? If so, why not? Or will it be incorporated into Derek's next shoot which will hopefully be in the very near future?

    As always, there is no question that Derek Pain is a TRUE Bound God!!!

  • You know I am constantly told how I post BS on the forums and on the comments under the shoots by Mr Van on the post interviews. But I have posted nothing that wasn't fact or based on a challenge. He asks me if I have been challenged and of course I was for that shoot that day but not for the sessions I had challenged them/him to.

    And for the record when I am asked in the post interview what I didn't like the most that should be phrased as "what was the most challenging". I didn't mean I don't like to be ass fucked of course I do.. case in point the shoot with Christian Wild did not mean I didn't like it but rather I have a very tight ass and he has an enormous cock..ummm yea..that is very challenging.

    I will state this for the record and it seems likely it will stand unchallenged as I am fast reaching the end of my public performances. I have never cried mercy for the sake of having enough nor have I ever used the safe word..because I have never reached my limit in any shoot! I do have a limit and I will ask for mercy if they can ever touch that button..All Bullshit aside its there waiting to be pressed.

    So man up
  • Hi Derek,

    I have seen that most male bondage subs don't go to the limits shown in the device bondage site at kink, and I always thought it's due to the way men's bodies are different to women. I've recommended on previous occasions that the pipes be used to restrain guys and it seems quite challenging when putting the guys into it so I'm sure that why it's not used often. I also don't recall seeing anyone blow his load while locked in pipes.

    Maybe you can recommend to Van some of the challenging scenarios from device bondage using the pipes to spread eagle or hog tie you. I saw a couple that would display your body quite nicely while Van works his magic. Maybe Van can collaborate with the Pope to see how he uses the pipes effectively as Van's is more accustomed to rope.

    If you want to find your limits, you need to tell Van where to push.
  • I had suggested using a rig of pipes designed as a spit with a large dildo incorporated and motorized to turn my bound body (to the spit) around in front of heat lamps to make me sweat..flogging me while I turned..CBT as well..pretty much the skys the limit with a rig like that. Van has left boundgods though so I don't know if this would ever happen with me at BG at this point,
  • Sorry to hear that Van has left Bound Gods. But if Sebastian was left in charge, Bound Gods is still in very capable hands.

    I am sure that Van would be honored if you would bring Derek Pain back and you and Christian subject him to the intense female bondage position that Van was not able to complete in Derek's last shoot due to time constraints.

    With your unlimited and vivid imagination, you should have no trouble devising many other different scenarios to punish Derek. One might be Derek's own suggestion that he be rigged to pipes designed as a BBQ rotisserie. He requested being flogged, CBT, and heat lamps. Don't forget to include his "real" favorite--weighted tit clamps that will twist and turn tearing at his nipples while he rotates on the spit. Fry his ass!!

    I am betting that you can also accomplish something that Van was never able to--make Derek beg for mercy or use the safe word.

    So how about completing Van's plans for Derek. Bring him back for one of the most intense shoots ever on Bound Gods. Make Van proud of his successor.
  • "motorized to turn my bound body (to the spit) around in front of heat lamps to make me sweat..flogging me while I turned..CBT as well"

    Nothing hotter than reading a sub begging for it and describing how he wants it. BoundGods and the other series are great for attracting hot guys and putting them through the paces, the bondage visuals are super, gym scenes hot, cool dungeon locales.

    That said the next level(s) are guys who are driven to get put to the test again and again. Derek is practically in his own category. The first level is getting into top, top physical form and being put on display with the suitable visuals. But then comes the really interesting part where the sub is engaged in a test of wills where he wants to show what he can take. The Dom gets turned on and wants to come and Derek wants to show that he can outlast the DOM.

    Pretty much to one time I've seen him give out is when he said "oh I'm gonna come" in MOE. He says it really, really well like he truly means it.

    I would put Derek in the rotisserie spit but have him roped tightly and even stuffed into tight wet jeans that keep getting tighter the longer the heat lamps are on him. The ropes get hosed too --- tie him up good then open up a hose on the jeans and the ropes and sit back watching him get CBT while trying not to come in the ultra tight fitting bandage.Maybe even repeat. When the ropes and jeans are dry and warm open up the cold water from the hoses repeat the ordeal.
  • First off, kudos to Bound Gods. It appears you are one of the few Kink sites that has consistently provided the members with a new shoot each week. Many new models have been discovered during this time of transition for Kink. However, what seems to be lacking is the established models that have served Kink for years.

    One model in particular is Mr. Indestructible Derek Pain. Derek was the stalwart for Bound Gods for years. However, his absence for the past couple of years is disheartening.

    Whatever situations were presented to him, Derek was always up to the challenge. Be it bondage, breath control, crucifixion, suspension, flogging, single tail, cbt, nipple torture, etc., Derek took it all and asked for more. Absolutely nothing was too much for him to handle. The man is without doubt the top sub in the business.

    There are several scenarios suggested (some even by Derek himself) in previous posts in this forum that have never been tapped into. Now is the time to bring him back and subject him to these punishments and see if he still is willing to ask for more. And no better dom to find out is Christian Wilde. The two of them have tremendous synergy when working together. Let's see if Derek's self-proclaimed record of having never cried mercy or used the safe word will continue.

    Maybe Derek has retired from the industry. Hopefully someone that reads this will be able to deny or confirm this. I find it hard to believe that Mr. Indestructible is no longer active. The man obviously thrives on suffering for his fans.

    So please bring the One and Only #1 Sub in the Business back to suffer once again!

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