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Just rejoined Hogtied and was blown away by the latest scene between Sophia Locke and JP the Pope. It was an intense and extreme welcome back for me. I also recently enjoyed the great scene between JP the Pope and Katharine Cane on Device Bondage. JP and Katharine had two amazing scenes for Sadistic Rope and I know a Hogtied scene between the two would be just as good as the scene with Sophia Locke. If possible please bring Katharine Cane to Hogtied so that JP can challenge the self-confessed intense rope slut who smiles when she describes the pain she enjoys.


  • Mr. Pope does do great work doesn't he...with ALL of his models!
  • The Pope does a great job all around, but his scenes with models he is able to challenge like Sophia Locke, Katharine Cane, Mona Wales, Ana Foxxx, Abella Danger, Elizabeth Thorn, Nikki Darling, Lyla Storm, Skin Diamond, Ariel X, Lotus Lain, Juliette March, Krysta Kaos, Elise Grave and I could go on really shine. But I respect it all because it is graduate level work done by professionals.
  • Izamar Gutierrez would be great to see!
  • The last scene with Charlotte Cross is wonderful. Why not another shaving set with the bush of Phoenix Marie?
  • 7-28.2016
  • The recent Hogtied scene with Missy Minks involved a creative set of torments that only a sick mind would conceive. John Paul you are a devious person with serious issues and I absolutely love it. It would be amazing to see you bend that evil mind to Katharine Cane in a Hogtied scene. It would rock.
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    I would really love to see Sierra Cirque and Endza Adair both on Hogtied and Devicebondage (each one having her respective update). They are amazing models: both very strong and with huge love for hard bondage action and non-stop orgasms as well. Sierra is a great natural squirter, just a bit of stimulation on her g spot and she becomes a fountain. Endza is very flexible, she can handle pretty hard positions and some very hard kinky stuff and she is a squirter as well. I think that both them with JP would really make some of the best updates for both Hogtied and Devicebondage.
    I'm really dreaming of watching both Sierra and Endza getting g spot stimulated, finger fucked and dildo fucked over and over, squirting and cumming endlessly until the beg to stop (same as JP did in the last scene of Janice Griffith's epic Devcebondage update).
    Janice is another beautiful girl I would love to see on Hogtied and DB as well again for an even harder and wetter update.
    Also I have another personal wish: please JP, invite back Wenona for both Hogtied and Devicebondage as well. Thanks.
  • Izamar gutierrez would be awesome!
  • I think you shall invite Phoenix Marie once again to Hogtied.
  • JP I think its time to bring Katharine Cane to Hogtied. I love your edgy Hogtied shoots, and I know that Katharine is a perfect subject for your sadistic thoughts. The shoots between you and her in the past have been legendary, and I know a Hogtied scene between you and Katharine, with her suffering with that "I love this shit" smile, would be special.
  • Just watched the great Hogtied scene between Juliette March and JP. The best scenes are those involving players who are into the lifestyle. There needs to be Hogtied scene with Katharine Cane and JP, two lifestyle players who need another chapter of a great BDSM story.
  • Since spiveya hasn't said it recently.....
    Izamar gutierrez would be awesome!
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  • Katharine Cane and JP were great in their two Sadistic Rope shoots. Their chemistry would make a scintillating Hogtied scene. New year, same request, please bring Katharine Cane to Hogtied for some of JP's dark rope magic.
  • Yes Izamar Gutierrez would be incredible!!
  • Yes Izamar Gutierrez would be incredible!!
    What he said!

  • Sophia Locke has not done a Hogtied scene for almost a year and Katharine Cane has never done a scene for Hogtied. Let's do something about this. Although it is rare to have two women in a single scene, a Hogtied scene with both would explode off the screen. Two tough models taking the devious torments of a master like JP would be a Kink scene for the ages and a wonderful way to start the year.
  • Is there any chance of you talking Naidyne Sage into doing one or two Sex and Submission videos? I know she did another video (a Lesbian bondage thing) for you. It would be nice if she did some S and S vids. Possibly, a Hardcore Gangbang would be cool too.
  • I just posted it in the devicebondage forum, but I also would like to see Carter Cruise on hogtied (again). She is amazing!
    Generally speaking it's hard (but really sexy) to find models with real personality - and Carter is definitely one of them.
    So pleeease make her shoot for hogtied! I'd even pay 50% of her money. Not kidding.
  • Alura Jenson might could do itALURA JENSON SHOWS OFF HER PUSS & ASS
  • She has shoots for EB (2), SAS, FM, and HCGBALURA JENSON IN COWGIRL ACTION
  • hi there
    i´d love to see Katie Kox, Xana Star or Mallory Knots again
    Their performances were fantastic

  • The recent shoot with Abella Danger was smoking hot. John Paul and Abella have amazing chemistry which always results in great scenes. John Paul and Katharine Cane have similar chemistry. I know a Hogtied scene between John Paul and Katharine, who amazingly has never shot for Hogtied, would be epic, another day at the office for two great performers who produce scintillating BDSM fun.
  • Coming back to my Carter Cruise request: she confirmed that she would really like to shoot for both hogtied and devicebondage. I really hope you contact her.
  • Hi all!! Sorry for the absence as of late. It's been hectic, but I'm back to checking the forums.

    I appreciate all of the support and will reach out and try to see what I can do about getting some of these girls on the shoot calendar.
  • Keep up the good work JP!
  • Mr. Pope you're the best!!!!!
  • Virgo Peridot-- she has done one shoot for Everything Butt. She would be awesome on Whipped Ass, Hogtied, and S&S.
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    I would really like to see Rose Darling. She did a couple of shoots for kink under a different name (Darling Deicide). Her Twitter is @RoseDarlingxxx and she said recently on there she was keen to shoot for kink again!
  • Katharine Cane is a masochist who absolutely loves to suffer at the hands of John Paul the Pope. I can't believe she has never shot for Hogtied. Katharine and JP together would guarantee an amazing Hogtied shoot. I hope you bring these two together and make some sick and twisted magic happen.
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