Kink model application troubles

I decided I would put in an application for a kink model as a male submissive for the dominate woman/ts sites. I filled out most of the app. But when I got to the bottom it asks for a nude selfie of yourself and headshot of yourself. And it scared me off so to speak. I realize this a porn based site and taking your clothes off is mandatory. But sending nudes of yourself to someone you've never met before, seems scary. Just seems like some peeps would feel better if they met the Kink staff or talked with them before sending nudes. I've been a fan of this company for a long time. "Longer than I should have" if you know what I mean. But even though I've done extensive research on the company and its policies, I still don't know anyone there. I want to apply. But I want to feel comfortable and trust the peeps I'm applying with before I'm sending nude selfies to them. I want to make sure I'm making the right decision. Its something I want. But its right for me? Talking with the Kink Staff, even it was just through a messenger might help. I live in SoCal. So flying up to SF would be quite expensive for just a chat.


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  • I was thinking of the same question Kim...
  • Its the same concept of how some of the greatest actors have public speaking problems. How can one act in a movie but not speak to a crowd? Its because when you act in a film you have a team of people around you, that you're comfortable with.
  • Exactly!
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