Idea for a gladiator/roman slave multiple site story

This will involve 2 Mistresses making a wager of who can pick the best combatant Roman style from 5-10 Naked Kombat men.
each of the Mistress' slave is locked in chastity for one week before the event and trained Divine Bitches style but not allowed out of chastity.
Then the gladiators are allowed out of chastity for the Naked Kombat scene. Where the winner is allowed to cum and the loser is locked into chastity and his key is given to the victor. This is the part when the losing slaves Mistress has to submit to the winning Mistress and her champion. The losing slave is then cuckolded and locked in chastity while he watches his Mistress get fucked by his opposing Mistress and her champion.
The losing slave will be left in chastity for another week and his Mistress will be right along side him while she is fucked on sites like Sex and Submission one day, Electro Sluts the next day and a Public Disgrace with the male slave being present and humiliated the whole time. After all he failed his Mistress after all and will be punished too.
For the finally should be on the Upper Floor with the slaves on display for the house. The final torment will be allowing the losing Mistress who has been fucked and humiliated for a week will allow her losing slave to cum while fucking him Devine Bitches style.
Anyway this is an idea I had while watching Spartacus and the inspiration from the Mistress Lorelei Lee and the Barbarella series. I know getting a Mistress to switch to a sub can be difficult but I think the fans of kink will like it.


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