Mothers and sons

Syren de mer and her son visit Simone sonay and her son. Simone goes to sons room to make sure they are up. She sees syrens son naked and is interested. The boys are are outside tossing football. S and a are in shortey sarong skirts and bikini tops. They are standing close at window and comment how they remember when they were young together. As they turn from the window they are tot to tot. They pause and simone, obviously excited from seeing syen son says how she remembers how they used to practice kissing, each other. Nd as she actresses syren tit, how they have grown up. They kiss and have sex, pussy, ass, and some fisting. They see the boys coming in. They dress, but the skirts show they lack panties and they have the wrong tops on. The boys notice all that and their erection are evident. Simone offers syrens son some water and spills it on him. Flustered she gets a towel and tries to dry him. When she finds his cock and she grips it. Syren and simone son have moved closer. As Simone looks at syren for an o.k., syren looks at Simone son his face and his obviously hard cock and she nods and reaches for Simone sons cockand pulls him to her. And a full range of oral, vaginal and anal sex ensues


  • simone sonay is woman i would give my left nut to do in and any of her three fuck holes and eat it all out before during and after fucking
  • That would be nice,butt my mother keep me alone for her girlfriends and herself.
  • Is he17 or younger? If so that could be considered child pornography.
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