behind the scenes-human resource/emotional/spiritual support

Hi, all Kink. com folks. I'm not haphazardly or lightly suggesting a staff person (myself) to offer emotional/spiritual/religious support. I know this is odd. I am a gay ordained minister who has gone through BS of being an out gay person of faith--and have been an active pastor in a liberal, progressive denomination. Just trying to think creatively about new directions beyond my own faith, but to be a sex-positive resource, counselor, supporter of BDSM community. I have bear/leather community background, am very sex-positive, have been a member, am immersed in "safe, sane, consensual" understanding; I would like to affirm that for any models/staff and be a resource person as a future step in my ministry--but be inter-faith, no-faith, etc., about that. It doesn't exist now, but I think it could be a great addition to the overall mission. This is a big leap for me to even suggest it, so I hope it will be taken seriously. It can be part ministry, part sex-positive human resources, etc. I love and have been on-off a member. I can provide consultation on any scenes touching on religious imagery, too. I am a professional in my own field in that this is not some attempt to "fuck the flock". I just think it would be energizing to merge spirituality concerns with BDSM production that is very clearly conscientious. And, by the way, I have way better insights into religious garb than I have seen on occasion on! LOL
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