Scene Idea

I've been a member for years and love what you guys do! A scene I'd like to see is one where there is a 'reason' to edge the guy and eventually make him cum. It would be hot if the goal was to get his cum and he fights to hold off, but his captors are pros and edge him over and over until he's forced to shoot. It seems like in many of the scenes the dude ends up wanting to cum but is denied, which is hot for sure but a scene where he resists cumming the whole time and is then forced to shoot would be super hot.

One idea for a scene like this is a football stud who has a big game the next day. In the locker room the coach reminds him, "Hey, don't jack off tonight. You'll need all your stamina tomorrow." Two spies from the opposing team are in the locker room and overhear this. When the stud is alone (dressed in his tight white football pants showing off his hot ass and bulge, Robert Axel would look amazing in spandex like that), he's jumped by the two spies and gets tied up. The stud is pissed off and tries to get free but the two attackers just go for his bulge. They say they're from the other team and have been sent to 'take care of' the stud. He acts like he doesn't know what they're talking about, but when they zero in on his bulge he knows he's in trouble.

The whole scene revolves around him protesting and resisting while they work his cock so they can milk it dry, leaving him weak for the big game. They edge him over and over, saying that they're building up the load in his balls. He tries to hold off but his cock betrays him. He's pissed and stays angry the whole time. Finally at the end he's unable to hold back as they force him to shoot, weakening him and destroying his chances of playing well the next day.

I love edging, but I also love the idea of forcing a dude to cum when he doesn't want to. And setting up a scene where there's a reason for him not to cum would be really hot to see. I like it a lot when your actors protest, there are a few scenes where they protest most of the time but usually they're quited down by the attackers, which is too bad. Let 'em yell and try to resist, it's hot! :)

Thank you for all the great content, I very much look forward to every Tuesday to see what you've come up with next.

Also, any chance of another super hero scene? Those are my all time faves!
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