Savannah Fox vs Cheyenne

Was I dreaming or did I see this as a match that was scheduled to happen live? Did I miss it? If so, can someone privately message me the result.


  • Savannah couldn't make it at the last minute and Bella filled in for her. It was a good match. I thought Cheyenne would dominate completely, but Bella held her own for a good part of the match and provided some good competition. She's improved her skills on the mat and with a little coaching from Ariel, she did a great job. She even had a few good reversals on Cheyenne. Kudos to Bella for filling in and putting on a good show. Still looking forward to the match between Cheyenne and Savannah.
  • I look forward to seeing Savannah vs. Cheyenne, hopefully ending with an all anal rd4, followed by a crossover shoot on everything butt.
  • as Cheyenne fan - lets get it on....the Wrangler

    and if Lea Lexis vs Cheyenne match happens b4 no problem....even with a cross-over
    turn-about....ok in my book....

    a tag match-up with Savannah & Cheyenne involved would be'sextastic' as well...'just-sayin'

    .....Enjoy ... KiNk-On.....
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  • Cheyenne did remark during the live shoot that she would be interested in a cross-over Rd 4 taking place on another Kink site such as EB. I think a cross over shoot with another Kink site would add a lot of interesting options for RD4 to US and would help to promote other Kink sites as well. What I image in such a case would be a challenge issued by each competitor during the match introduction whereby the loser agrees to submit to the winner at another Kink site of the winners choosing. This would not only add a great deal of variety to the 4th Round, but would increase the audience anticipation. The logistics of actually shooting the forth round on another set would have to be overcome, but I wouldn't think it would be impossible. Here's hoping.
  • I'd love to watch Cheyenne wrestle either Lea Lexis or Savannah Fox. Bring it on!
  • Cheyenne looked in better shape than ever against Bella. Great combination of speed and power. Much as I love Savannah, it looks like she'll get her big ass kicked by a margin of about 100 points. I hope Cheyenne invites Ariel to enjoy the spoils in Rd4 - some DP action and copious squirting would be nice.
  • No I'm a be the out taking my girl Savannah with the hundrednpoints. See Savannah frustrates her opponents. Look at her matches she gets them to tire out the comprised them in awkward confusion twister moves. She's so agile rubber like they can't even hold nay I say hold her . Her opponents are looking for her to go one way and she's gone the other way see ya later alligator. That's the same way Mistress Kara wins.
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    yes there is a live singles match. ..... tentatively it is cheyenne vs. Savanna fox for the light weight championship.
  • It will be tough match both wrestlers have equal chances to win. If cheyenne win this match i think we'll see savavvah squirting for the first time in US. :D
  • Should be good and sexy
  • Two great women warriors can't wait till Friday!!!!!!
  • Think Cheyenne Wrangler victory this time
  • I cant watch the match...any update?
  • Wasn't supposed to be on US today?
  • Very intelligent Habibe but it was a live match.,
  • Savannah was so close...and she's new at this..she can only improve, which I think she can make it far in SV
  • Outstanding match between Savannah and Cheyenne Jewel. I thought Savannah would lose by 100pts but how wrong I was. These two ladies are truly exceptional wrestlers and there must be a rematch, preferably with the loser's asshole on the line tobe exposed to some vigorous DP action. Enjoyed the refereeing and Rd4 strap-on fucking contribution from the erotic slut Lea Lexis, but how come Savannah can fill a vase with her squirt on the Upper Floors but hardly parts with a drop on US? I think we should be told.
  • Want rematch coming or Cummings soon to a match near you . can't wait.
  • I Want to see these two fight again. I think Cheyenne will win because she has more experience, and really knows how to wrestle
  • Savannah Fox
    Cheyenne Jewel
    Final championship lightweight! The long-awaited rematch between the two best (in my opinion) wrestlers of this weight category and maybe a farewell match Savannah.


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