Welcome back Van!

Yeah! Van is back! How I've missed his presence on Bound Gods. I didn't even skip the interview on today Bound God because I just had to make sure it was Van asking the questions. And then, Feb. 26, Van doing a live show! Hope Van had a good rest. . .glad he is back. . .miss his bondage, his kink, his contributions to Bound Gods!


  • I completely agree. Van, it is great to have you back. Hopefully now Bound Gods will return to the premier site that it once was. And a good way to start it off, Van, would be for you to bring back one of your favorite subs, Derek Pain. The two of you have such a great connection in all of your shoots. We haven't seen Derek in over a year on Bound Gods. His fans would greatly enjoy watching you work him over again as you so infamously do.
  • Sorry everyone, I completely forgot about this forum. Thanks for the nice comments. Yes, we need to get Derek Pain back. You all have any ideas? I pretty much done everything to him over the years :) xo Van
  • I remember that great live show with DZ and Master Avery some years ago. Derek is the perfect hero for a prisoner of war scenario. So what about this:

    Several months ago, two young secret agents named Sebastian and Leo have been captured and sentenced for spying in the foreign country of Kinkistan. According to reports of an informant in the Kinkistan gouvernment they are held as prisoners in a secret camp in the mountains.
    Now special forces captain Derek Pain and his team had been sent to Kinkistan on a rescue mission. Unfortunately, due to technical problems with his parachute, the captain had been seperated from his team. He was captured and brought to the headquarters of the Kinkistan secret police, where he is sitting in a cell in the beginning of scene 1.
    Being interrogated, he insists on being John Smith, a bodybuilder from Moldavia, who lost his way while hiking in the mountains...

    From this point we have several options to develop the story. Maybe the interrogation is done by General Van, a malicious and corrupt former captain of the Kinkistan border control, who worked his way up by mutiny against his superiors. (On the other hand, maybe he was degraded to a Seargent of the prison guards for his attempt of mutiny against Commander Morgan)
    Or maybe Captain Pain will find out, that one of the guys he should rescue is not a prisoner, but had been turned around and is now working for the Kinkistan main branch of economy: the production of bondage videos.
    Maybe the special forces team will arrive to rescue their team leader, or maybe Captain Pain finds out he doesn't want to be rescued anymore...
  • Van, I am sure that there are many scenarios for a Live Show that you can come up with to "pleasure" Derek. Probably Derek himself could even give you some situations that he has fantasized being subjected to that you could incorporate into a Live Show.

    The key to whatever you decide to do with him is to amp up the intensity. It is obvious from previous shoots that he loves the bondage tight and the corporal brutal. He always indicates that you never take him to school past kindergarten or first grade. Time for that to change. Let's see if he is "Tougher than an 8th Grader." Bring it on. Intensify his bondage and punishment so much that he even has to do something he has never done before--Beg for Mercy.

    And while you have him in the house for a Bound Gods shoot, what a perfect time for him to also endure the rigors of a new 30 Minutes of Torment shoot. Two opportunities for Derek's fans to see their favorite Bound God. A dream come true.
  • Another Men on Edge for Derek Pain as well if he comes back for other shoots. Immovable bondage with tickle torture, nip play, edging and cockhead polishing!
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    Just tossing it out there
  • The tickle torture for a tightly bound, muscled Derek sounds great. A good way to "prep" Derek for the scene would be prolonged, strained leg lifts to the point and past the point of failure so Derek's ab muscles are suitably sore all over. That way the tickling will be a challenge to him of tickling and soreness/pain where each twist and turn to deal with the tickling only adds to the discomfort.

    One type of scene would be a group of high tech entrepreneurs who are partying because they have just made a bundle of money. To celebrate one of them has a great party in a new incredible mansion complete with a fully equipped dungeon, weight room with top of the line body building gear. Of course there's a group of muscled subs, led by Derek for demoing all the fun gear. I love the idea of Derek completely naked except of a ball and chain around his ankle. Derek has already been put through a punishing full body circuit where each muscle group has been pushed past the point of failure and he is now ready to be tormented and tortured for the entertainment of the hard partying young entrepreneurs. Derek and the other subs have to work the room of partiers by kneeling down and servicing all the expensively dressed high tech executives between each round of torture.

    And finally I loved the outdoor Mad Max scene last fall where Derek was whipped in public wearing the partial head mask. More of that theme would be great. It suits Derek's physique appropriately. In fact, I would love a feature length sequel movie where competing gangs in the Aussie desert are at war for territory, fuel and of course, all of the hottest muscled subs who get the gang leaders off so well each night. How about a plot where Van is bitterly resented because he has taken almost all of the muscle subs. A rival gang manages to kidnap Derek to Van's dismay. The rival taunts Van by broadcasting Derek's torture each night over the loud speaker system to everyone can hear what's going on. This drives Van to the brink of madness as he realizes how much he needs Derek to get off and is forced to trade away most of his beloved muscled doms just to get Derek back.
  • Hot pick to get the juices going :

  • Get Derek back to interrogate and torture. How about tying and focusing on his feet and hands...bastinado, thumbs in vices, fingers pulled, things under nails. Up the intensity and give him what he craves. Tight painful bondage, ball torture, electro, breath control. We need to see him soon. He's the best!
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