Что вы думаете на счет моей молодой попки? (What do you think about my young ass?) What is future?


I'm 23 years old. What is my future in Kink? Your oppinions?


  • I think that you are going in the right direction :x

    (But the other direction looks like it may be interesting also)

    Best wishes for a safe and peaceful Crimea (pol).
  • Very nice Alexsandrapol! :x I really think you can do everything at Kink with your hot and sexy body! ;;) You are amazing!!! :x :-*
  • You surely become a star with this hot and stunning body honey! :x
  • Thanks to all! What type of Kink for me and for my body more suitable and why?
  • Hi Aleksandra! Your body is in fact suitable for everything, but I guess that depends more on what you like, or what you are willing to do in front of a camera! Here you can find some more information: http://www.kink.com/k/model_call.jsp
  • Many people say that my body look older than 23. Is it true?
  • You simply look fucking hot and sexy Aleksandra! Age doesn't matters so much then! Just don't listen to those retarded morons who said you look older! ;;)
  • Listen to Legionnaire Alexsandrapol...he knows best!
  • Can I look better? Can give advice?2
  • And long time silense.. Why? Im not interesting?
  • You are very interesting Aleksandra, believe me! :x But why are you asking so much sweetie? You look smoking hot and sexy! :x Do you feel too uncomfortable to become a Kink girl? What kind of advice do you want to hear? Something like: Shave off the remaining hair on your pussy! But here is a serious advice from me: Post a picture of your face, because too many "biological pictures" become boring after a while! ;;)
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  • I like anal very much! :\">
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    I'm 23 years old. What is my future in Kink? Your oppinions?

    so many girls (by the pix it looks u-r) say they can but they cant last the rigorous 'training' the KINK.com DOMS/DOMMES administer to be in the vids &/or live shows... BUTTTTT (which u have for sure) as far as just camming live in KINK LIVE MODELcast single/partner shows u prolly would do good... just remember to make it KINKY and have something unique that users haven't seen before... wish u the best in all u do
  • Hi to all my friends! I'm come back ;;) New foto for us :-* ...
  • I'm ready to start in Kink. Please kindly contact me aleksandrapol93@rambler.ru
  • I'm not interesting for Kink??!!
  • Ммммм... Твоя киска явно хочет сметанки))
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