Where is Derek Pain?

To me his first scene with Boundgods, a one on one session with Van is the hottest video on this site. I want him back.


  • I couldn't agree with you more, Dichter. Time for Bound Gods to bring back Derek. It has been over a year since he has been in a shoot. I am sure that there are a lot of Derek fans out there just waiting to see him again. A perfect Christmas present would be a Derek Pain live show with Van as his dom.
  • I REMEMBER............strolling thru the index of bound gods thinking to myself of all these videos if you could choose with one would it be? The one'(s) feat master avery
  • The videos with Derek are the only ones I watch. Yes indeed - time for an encore....
  • To me his first scene with Boundgods, a one on one session with Van is the hottest video on this site. I want him back.
    I love that video too. It was hot because the chemistry between them was there from the start. Derek posted on another thread recently saying how he considers Van an artist.

    I couldn't agree more. The creative thought, visual presentation, mental power play between top and bottom is top rate - I like some other BoundGods material but ALWAYS go back again and again to rewatch all of Derek's videos, usually Van's are the most interesting, especially the rope bondage and predicament with a wicked twist kind of scene.

    Their first scene together was really interesting because Derek isn't completely tied he could free himself if he wanted but he keeps his ultra hot pose while Van sends electric current through Derek's cock.

    Derek wants to show Van how much he can take - it's like a test of wills --- who will back down first ? will Derek say enough or will Van get so turned on he has to come ?

    The scene ends with Van jacking his cruel load on Derek's incredibly tight muscled abs. Derek winces and writhes for the longest time but never gives in and finally Van has to reluctantly give credit to the incomparable Derek and reward Derek with a worshipful orgasm of sadistic moan cream and beautify Derek's physique with that truly hot load.

    It's interesting for a couple of reasons :

    Like Van says in another video " Derek doesn't disappoint." ( This was a scene where Van tormented Derek's cock with the electric prod and ended the torment with touching the tip of Derek's cock - all this to the roar of approval from a crowd ).

    Van wrote on his blog that he really enjoys watching and getting on his own videos ( while Derek really enjoys exhibition his body ). Except that first time Van seems like almost had to shoot a load.
  • So Derek - are you coming back? or have you moved on to a different site? thanks!
  • Hi Kang.
    Well I don't know i have not been asked. The last exhibit I did was at this past years Folsom. I actually bitched on a different discussion I came across pretty strong maybe that pissed off management. But it was about all the work and effort put into the live mad max theme and the fact it wasn't even put up on the site..I thought the whole day I was there and the exhibits we did were hot as hell.

    I work my ass off in the gym still and readying myself for a spring bodybuilding show where I expect to be in the best shape of my life..so I guess that could be good timing if the Kink masters wanted to take advantage of Derek Pain. I think the members will have to go bang on managements door though..the squeaky wheels get the grease..or in this case demanding customers..lol

  • Thanks for the response. I also cannot believe that 'Kink Masters' didn't post your Mad Max exhibit on this site. A bad decision imo. Good to hear that you are still keeping in shape. HNY!
  • I was forced fed cock down my throat hole, I was force fed cock up my resently loosened
  • It's a new year and hopefully the management at Kink will wise up and bring back Derek. A top notch bottom such as Derek Pain needs to be showcased on the Kink sites. No other model can handle the bondage and punishment like Derek. Let's see that "best shape of my life" body of his taken advantage of on the Kink sites.
  • Hmmm :)
    My first impulse to this posts was: Sadly it would just not be the same without Van as a Dom. But on second thougt, it would be quite intriguing to see if Christian can handle our stubborn body builder as well :)
    What do you think, Sebastian? Of course, if we would ask Derek if he will be a good boy and say sir to Mr. Wilde, we will most definitely get "fuck you" as an answer... but thats part of the fun, isn't it?
  • Awww...lol (I would have to stay true to thyself:)
    Christian has domed me before during the most recent Folsom, an earlier live show and on another shoot:) He was a little new at it at the time but he is very seasoned now and his bite might be better.
  • Well, "little" Christian isn't that little any more and recently earned himself a reputation to be BGs best Dom and that's not just because of his beautiful eyes ;) He would definitely not let you get away with any bullshit.
  • I guess we will never know:)
  • I have prettier eyes than he does;)
  • I have prettier eyes than he does;)
    Yes you do, Derek. But your best part is your lips and the scrumptiously mouthful dick and balls.
  • I have prettier eyes than he does;)
    Hmm :) Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned this ... It wasn't my intention to hurt anybodies feelings by being forced to make a decision of any kind. Let's just say: both of you have their advantages.
    Back to the point. The question was: Which of our available BG-Doms would be up to the challenge to deal with an unruly boy like Derek Pain? :)
    I know that live show you are refering to, but I am not talking about a little fucking while Van stands behind you. I also remember your second shoot with Van (#9230), when you kicked his leg ... tss ;)
  • "I have prettier eyes than he ( Christian Wilde ) does"

    -- yes, but he has an absolutely perfectly beautiful dick to die for ( or better to moan and suffer over ) --- I LOVE the idea of a superbly developed specimen of the male form
    ( Derek ) suffering profoundly at the mercy of Christian's dick

    "I actually bitched on a different discussion I came across pretty strong maybe that pissed off management."

    -- don't worry, when they come to their senses Kink will realize that you just need to be brought back to a dungeon and be severely disciplined for your outrageous rant -- it'll take a serious whooping to break you down but you have it coming Derek
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