Ideas for upcoming sex rounds (not matchups)

I've been a viewer of Naked Kombat for many years, and have sought out people to have wrestling matches where the winner fucks the loser. My idea concerns a potential idea for sex rounds. I know in the world of porn that what happens on screen was agreed to beforehand, and the reason is out of respect for the performers and the law. I've seen the performers at other porn studios enjoy what they get "punished" for at this site. Which is fine, and proves the best part of the experience is winning. My question is can you get two wrestlers to agree that the loser of the match will have to do something they don't particularly like to do, but wouldn't mind doing. I am not talking about a loser who doesn't like being fucked getting fucked or doesn't like bondage being in it. What I am talking about is some sort of fetish. For example the wrestlers agree that the winner does a fetish to the loser (and both of them are particularly fond of it). The winner can choose to either force the loser to either lick his feet, lick his armpits, or get pissed in the face. That idea is just a start, and I would think it intensify the wrestling even more where rather than getting fucked (which they like anyway) but actually trying to avoid the activity they don't like. Also, imagine the intensity where you are wrestling to win the right to get to do a fetish that your opponent doesn't like. If this is possible at all, I would like to see it. I thank for reading this whole thing, and for luring me to be a long time supporter of Naked Kombat.


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