Folsom 2015-Rediculous editing one sided slant shame on Kink

I have to voice and objective opinion about the filming and editing of the Kink Folsom 2015.

As one of the models in the show I flew from the east coast a 6hour flight because I was anxious to be a part of Kinks Folsom stage show.

My issue is not with the company or staff but with the subject of balance and proportion with respect to the BDSM world. Here we have kink advocating the protection of equal space for all genres in the kink world.

You had an artist namely Van Darkholme put together a rather cool artistic concept incorporating a brutish theme which included BDSM, spent a great deal of money and time building a vehicle mocking the new mad max movie so the idea could be brought to life and promote the boundgods site. Yet almost none of it was included in the final edited version now showing on “behind kink”. It looks like someone more interested in breasts edited the thing. In fact the video is 95% female tits and 4% Jessie Colter who in my experienced opinion is not a good representative of the male/gay bdsm fetish world and with maybe 1% devoted to gay male content. It is appears as though is more interested in using the video to promote the greater money making female hetro sites.

Its the same old bullshit everyone else peddles. There were other models there that should have also been interviewed. In fact interviews that were are more focused on subjects surrounding BDSM are far more interesting than the retarded shit I saw in the film especially given what is supposed to be about.

Perhaps an interview with Sebastian Keys about why the boundgods site has overly proportionate amount of skinny kid looking adults as opposed to MEN with real builds could have been raised. Before someone comments on that I get dozens of personal emails to that end with that exact question. And with respect to being on point go back to the original BG videos in 2009 and look at the list of comments on the videos they number in the dozens now take a look at the more recent vids being produced by the new director you can count them on one hand in some cases.

There is a lot of competition for sex related product on the market most of it easily accessed without paying for it. If is going to survive and set itself apart enough to sell a unique product it better pull its head out of its ass or you can kiss market share good riddance. That includes putting some educated effort into producing decent mini documentaries which these are supposed to be.

This edit was lacking comprehensive expression, ingenuity and creative flow… what a fucking waste. Honestly I could have done a better job if I was jammed full of sleeping pills.


  • I have to agree with your assessment Derik! But how or where can I see your full performance at Foslom 2015? thank you!
  • Hello Kang...its not offered anywhere. There are clips on YouTube..
  • ok thanks Derek! Are you going to be on the Bound Gods website anytime soon? or any other website? Thanks.
  • I also have to agree with Derek and Kang572000. Unfortunately I was not in attendance at Folsom. However, having seen some short clips and photos on the internet, it does appear that Van and his associates did put a considerable amount of time and effort in developing their take off on Mad Max. They even brought in one of Van's favorite models, Derek Pain, to star in it. But as Derek pointed out, very little of it was incorporated into the final version of Behind Kink's Folsom 2015. Why wasn't all of Derek's performance incorporated into a Bound God's shoot?

    It appears that Kink has gone in a new direction on their male sites. It seems they have chosen to go "in with the new and out with the old." Many of the current models are as Derek mentioned "skinny kid looking adults." That might be what some members are interested in but let's not forget those members (which I feel are still a large portion of the membership) that want good ole fashion hardcore BDSM. There is no need for the goofy story lines that seem to be in all of the shoots now. Go back to the way of the old shoots where there is just plain brutal punishment and torture. And bring back the models that can handle it such as The Indestructible Derek Pain.

    A combination of the "old" and the "new" might go a long way to keeping your members interested in your Kink sites.
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  • All that and so much more these good ole boys whereas um from get much respect I am proud to have learned so much about kneeling using the word master with obedience gained wisdom & pleasures so rich.....
  • I never been to folsom but I am planning to this year >:)
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