The New KinkLive Platform

Hi KinkLive Members,

We have very exciting news! On September 9, 2015, KinkLive joined forces with Flirt4Free to host on a new, more stable and feature rich platform. This new partnership will give you more ways to play:

Phone Sex

Fan Clubs

Voyeur Shows

Cam to Cam

and much, much, more!

Finding your favorite KinkLive model is easy. The URL will remain

To continue the fun on the new, you will need to create a Flirt4Free member account. Your favorite KinkLive model has a code for you to use to sign up on Flirt4Free. Show your favorite KinkLive model that you love them and ask for their affiliate code. Your favorite model will earn more of the money you spend on them when you sign up using the model's affiliate code - and you know your favorite model will love you even more for that!

Another advantage: VIP membership for FREE for 3 months! All members who sign up for a new Flirt4Free account using our models’ affiliate code, or by joining on the new site, will automatically be a Flirt4Free VIP. You must sign up for your new Flirt4Free account by October 15, 2015 to receive your free 3 months VIP membership (a $150 value). Learn more about the rewards of being a VIP here! Already a Flirt4Free member and want a separate kink identity? No problem. Flirt4Free will allow members to create a new account to maintain your kink identity. All you need to do is sign up with an email address and credit card that has not been used on Flirt4Free in the past.

If you have questions, please email We are happy to help!

We appreciate your enjoying the KinkLive Beta site and look forward to continuing the kinky cam fun with you on the new!


The KinkLive Team


  • New site looks great only problem is I am now blocked from all the old kink live modes and so far support has no clue why. I don't think I am the only one with this problem either.
  • New and just learning, but look forward to this
  • Bad move !!! The new site absolutely sucks- poor format, not as inter-active with models. Very poor decision & bad business move.
  • It will soon be 3 months since KinkLive joined with Flirt4Free. But where are all of the true, Kink-Certified models? More important, the members who followed them? Jury is about ready to render its decision.
  • I have "suspended" my KinkLive-Flirt4Free account at 0 credits and ended the "free" 3-months of VIP status. My favorite, former KL models are camming elsewhere.
  • No sense paying the $39.95 monthly recurring VIP membership fee if you are not going to use the site.
  • My thoughts on the new site are it was an extremely horrible decision for Kink to give up what they once had. They had excellant models and a good setup with a huge following. My best guess is they have destroyed this by deciding to outsource the cam shows and not providing the quality the members of Kink and Kink Live once knew and grew to expect. I would suggest they get back to the basics that at one time made them a great adult website and rebuild there following.
  • edited January 2016
    The choice was to continue "the old KL" without upgrading it to KL3 or to adopt a "white label" setup. Consequently, KL partnered with Flirt4Free. Members or models could either like the Flirt4Free setup or not; it is their option.
  • Almost old KKL Models had disappear. Almost no Dom or Sub / Slave models on Firlt4Free. We can find only vanilla sex... :(
  • It is close to 1 year since the demise of old KinkLive. However, the successful, former KinkLive models are quite active, with their shows and sessions. One has to just look for them on different camsites, including Flirt4Free, and re-connect.
  • One should always remember that on old KL, kinky play was the dominant theme with vanilla in the minority. The reverse is true in most of the other camsite back then and even still today. For those former KL models who have continued their kinky acts, look hard for them, that is those who have stayed in the business.
  • sounds good to know you can flirt with these people on the site, am interested myself :)>-
  • edited October 2016
    And, please, do not forget to tip the models as you openly flirt with them or to continue the flirtation with them in a private session. This is their job and should be paid for their time with you.
  • nice! i want to do more than the site
  • Honestly I hated the new site at first but as I've been on there more I've gotten some nice regulars and learned more about the features it offers. They have improved the tools they offer and I always get a reply from staff if I have any problems, always paid on time and correct amounts.
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