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I want to try a 5 men gangbang, but i've never been with more than 2, any recomendation?


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    Are you still in contact with the men you've done a threesome with? If yes, talk with them about your fantasy and if they're up for it they could help you gather the other guys.

    If you have a slutty lifestyle, keep a list of reliable fuck buddies, people who share the same mindset about sex, who you can trust about their health (get tested regularly) and can keep their mouth shut.

    With one or two of these guys you could easily meet more of the same kind just by asking them if they have friends who are bit like them sex-wise.

    I'll not recommend internet but if the advise above don't work graigslist and other hookup website will do just that at the detriment of security.

    Good luck ~
  • thank u very much :)
  • Nice advice.. image :D
  • ONLY someone you already KNOW personally...safety and protection for you...
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    references references references.....
    there have been ugly instances....
    u can never be too careful

    try applying many Models have same desires and have found KINK to be very safe - fun environment......
  • Everything so far is good advice...BUT...I hate to bring this subject up...but health must be considered...the only real way to stay safe is to have your partner find the other guys...which is what we do...and your partner MUST verify that the others are safe and healthy...NOTHING random...SAFETY FIRST and ALWAYS!!!!!!

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  • An even better idea Miss K!
  • thank u all for the advise, and lol kimberly, it's just i can't wait
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    i have done several gangbangs and it spoils you. one on one sex becomes not so exciting any more :)
  • It has been with me that my regular partner does a much better job of lining up gang fucks then me just going out to strangers and he likes having his groups of friends fuck me.
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