story ideas

I have two variatgnions on the same theme:
1) female cheerleaders at a local college cheer for women's and men's basketball teams. Men are mediocre but get biggest crowds and most attention from cheerleaders. Women are national title contenders and pissed that the cheerleaders only give them cursory effort during their games. Women ballers bet the cheerleaders they can beat the men. If the women win, they get to dominate the cheerleaders sexually (even though the cheerleaders aren't gay or even bi-curious). If the men win, they get to fuck the women ballers (they already are fucking the cheerleaders). Perhaps write two scripts, one with each outcome and post them both(?).
2) Same scenario except if the women win, they get to dominate the men (including anal with strap on); if the men win, they get to dominate the women ballers (who, just to make it fun, are lesbians). Again shoot it both ways and post them both.

Four videos from one basic storyline -- what do you think?


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