Commercial Dungeons

I work at a commercial dungeon in Phoenix Arizona. The Den of Indomitus. There is only one in the state.
I have noticed that few states have commercial dungeons. It is a shame. With the rise of acceptance of bdsm in the mainstream communities and the rise in popularity with Dominatrix and bdsm videos, I do hope to see a rise in places for the viewers to go and experience their fantasies and fetishes with real professionals in real life.
I would love to hear your thoughts.
- Mistress Ilsa


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  • We just use all the rooms in the house!
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  • Don't we know that! someday though...we'll have a bigger house!
    Night everyone...Alexandra says hello!
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  • yes mistress its good to see you have somewhere to let someone share a relationship
  • @Mistressllsa, Although I have enjoyed many dungeons through My tenure. I have not visited a Commercial Dungeon. What is missing in most is the real professionals. Learning and becoming proficient with many of O/our toys is a real problem. Additionally, I see a serious loss in understanding of what the community means and what it is all about. Commercial Dungeon's could supply many answers.
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  • Try going up to Canada
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