Respect for models

Since you are not telling them anything. I have to assume your respect for your models has evaporated...if it ever existed and I would really like to believe it once did.
Currently your professed respect for models is BS in my eyes.


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    ggowner2, it (RESPECT ...well more...)was there when MM (depending when u joined)ran the show when they had the 'curtains' but it was mostly Models who did KINK-vids who chose to do pvt/grp shows for the added 'sexcitement' of "playing"/talking with the Models whose videos the User enjoyed... and those (users) that enjoyed BDSM-KINK self-bondage (there were fewer 2 Model shows then)... the Models had the Armory to cam from in San Francisco, then KINK added Los Angeles ...then......well now we see another 'souring' (if it is as 'bad' as we think)

    ggowner2 - good honest opinion in my book (perfectly understandable)

    'sour' decisions (IF this ends up being what we r thinking...) like this have comeb4 whether its been Models and/or Users affected...This one , i realize.. is more about the Models
    However, the pattern still seems to be there... as it seems to fit the continual thinking process to cut-back no matter who is affected...

    for the Users, - decisions KINK are making seem to follow the pattern of trumping the
    long-term Users with the 'larger-group' of newbie 50 shades... younger
    After-all, those that dont like the change can leave(and they have...) and those that stay will adapt...and the 'newbies' have no reference to compare the KINK attendance group still grows larger....simple economics... just not for those affected....

    oh well im here for the long-haul... as long as there is something that is interesting....

    for sure as we see the 'rebranding' phase KINK is in and similar chgs that have been caused by this resulting-in and affecting (irritated) many due to chg of 'content-format' - for sure those irritated as u r, will support your posting(provided they are still around...)
    the newbies have no clue but someday 2 they will be in the same boat...
    thats life as generations evolve and re-interpret 'old traditional' values to suit their own desires.....that wont change...

    KINK would do best to leave remnants of what was (maybe they will leave 'camming' from the Armory in place.... [however, im not holding my breath or betting on it...]).
    After-all 're-branding' will allow KINK gains of zillions of $$$ or whatever the future 'currency' will be... maybe maybe maybe KINK or some other entity will re-establish what KINK used to offer or what it seemed to be wanting to be when they grew from HOGTIED... or so it seemed....who knows? ....

    ...and on 'TOP' of all that ...all things adapt to capitalism being the GOD of Democracy which even reaches into the kinky fetish BDSM world....just-sayin ...(imo)
    that wont change until something 'else' comes along ...(better or worse...)
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