different jail house scenario

plot suggestion for sex and submission:
Here is a scene I really fantasize about:
a sneering, sarcastic female guard at the local county lockup is unpopular with her peers and the prisoners.
A cell full of prisoners (doesn't matter if its male or female) use a metal file to slightly shave a pair of prison bars. One day, the guard leans down to scream at a prisoner. Two prisoners suddenly grab her by the hair and pull her head through the shaved bars (now just big enough to accommodate her head.
Because of where her head goes in the cell, she finds herself bent over with her butt in the air, higher than her head She is also thoroughly stuck.

She tries to bargain her way out with food, extra time in the yard, etc, buying for time until her fellow guards notice her predicament. Her peers not only won't help her, they participate in her humiliation.

She is quickly handcuffed, her keys are taken off her belt and now she is at their mercy. Prisoners are gathered around her head; her fellow guards are gathered behind her. In response to direct questions, it turns out she is a sexual prude, only having vaginal sex, only with her husband and only with the goal of having children.

Initially, she offers to let one of them eat her pussy, in exchange for letting her go, which shows how much in denial she is as to her current predicament.

As her situation becomes more dire, she finds herself being more and more willing to give in to all their perverted demands once she realizes she has no power and no leverage; now just working to get out of there at some point. She quickly goes from obnoxious and better then everybody else to a humiliated, whimpering pool of tears.


  • Might be a good shoot!
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    agree with hbn- our FANtastic great kinky critiquer of all KINK shoots and ones that have a kinky-good chance of making it..... well most of.....

    as a turn-table... turn-about...etc.. enthusiast this cuts it for this kinkster
    and KINK should do it more than less often....
    when its done correctly it is mind-blowing.....(not litterally)
    rather kinky mind-blowing (pi)

    reminds me of a 'jail-house' Rox Hall / Marc Davis shoot really HOTTTTT....
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