I'm completely new to this and i need to learn the ropes before i can live this lifestyle... all information will help :) for starters.. i feel like i want to be a switch... if being a Dom or sub isn't working for me, ill pick one and go from there.


  • baby steps first though....
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    MeLiz - as a Model ? or just be with like-minded ?...
    what sexual/gender orientation(if u wish to disclose...)

    here is a 'kinky' few-(if u have not already seen...)

    -first, Forums like this one are good -plenty of kinksters to learn-from / play-with and yrs of kinky fun represented....and no signs of stopping.....
    -KINKs resources page find local 'Munch Clubz' mtg places...etc....
    -visiting San Francisco- tour Armory KINKs Studios - ask to attend parties, etc...
    -talk to KL Models...
    -learning differences of BDSM (if u choose to indulge deeper...)
    ----Just kinky, '50 shades....' elementary, junior, heavy, extreme, Gorean levels and associated terms...if not already familiar....)
    - KINK is starting more educational vids thru KINK University....and of course all the KINK Site vids....

    yes take it slow...'baby steps' ...always at every step/phase/level keep asking questions...
    (as in vanilla-boring life-style, same is kinky tru here - no one knows everything about alt-kinky life-styles)....

    (imo- if you plan to eventually go full throttle...)
    for Traditional BDSM M+F+/f+m+ (any straight D/s combo) the BEST for fem-subs Dommes are subs first ... (if it applies)
    watch Maitresse Madeline fem-sub vids and Princess Donna read their history
    Lorelei Lee, Cherry Torn just to name a few of KINK vid-Models here...

    (also for same and/or other sexual orientations/fetishes not familiar with...)
    others here may have amazing differing info as well...
  • NOT enough information provided for us to work with G!
    From the pic I assume female...but g-g or g-b? Girl domme guy or guy dom her?
    Help us with a tad more info liz and perhaps we can steer you safely in the right direction...feel free to ask!
    Alex (a girl!)
  • MeLiz, there u go.... Alex is certainly a great kinky-girl with wonderful experience & knowledge willing to share & help whenever theres need....
    hope to hear/read from you MeLiz ....
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  • Still here Kimmie?
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  • Oh...ok!
  • Kim is exactly right here...check out the games you think you'd like to play by watching some of the video's here...then ask and start to experiment!
  • You could not do any better than to listen to Miss K, Miss Alex and Mr. G!
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  • Pic time Miss K! I followed you guidance and reached back into the past!
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  • Of course Miss some singer said one time: I have to be ME!!
    They're up now Miss K...
  • im a girl lol i have no idea what you mean by g-g g-b, alex.
  • as for Mr. G... are you saying i have to be a sub first? and then grow from there?
  • oh and just to be with like minded people, not a model. and I'm bi.
  • savannah fox was actually the first girl i saw. but i will check out the others :) thank you
  • OK...more to work with now!!

    First: G-G is girl - girl Sonia and I do...
    G-B is Girl - Boy Kimmie and Chatty do...
    Well, Chatty is bi so she does both...and she does G-B-G too...

    Second: Kim would know better but I agree with G...start on the bottom...learn your limits.
    Again...Kim knows best but since you're need to decide if you're going to start with a guy on top or a girl...Kim will tell you (and she's right) that girls are a LOT rougher on girls than guys are...
    Start slowly...and as I'm sure Chatty will add...START SAFELY! (Chatty is the unofficial KINK safety preacher!
    Anyway...have fun
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    MeLiz thnx for your response - you are in good hands with all the above...(Savanah is a wonderful KINK-vid Model... so yes great to hear/read/see u are talking to her and others). The fact u r open and willing to share and ask questions and willing to learn will go a long way towards/for your journey thru the wonderful and fun garden of kinky 'sexotic' delights...if u ever need more advice/help dont hesitate to ask....we are here most of the kinky-times....and happy to assist when it comes to 'kinkified' pleasure....

    Best wishes for u in all you do....

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    Hi...I'm Sonia...I'm Alex's partner. Oh, in case no one's told you ...Chatty is the blonde nurse...You'll learn a lot here and have a great time too!
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    sonia luvs to be on the bottom.....iz what i heard..... ;;) or
    maybe it is when she iz on the bottom..... now 'thas' a kinky kinky ;)
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  • lol you guys are really comfortable and kinky. its good to know that i don't feel so out of place anymore. but i still have some warming up to do. ;)
  • Miss Alex told me that Sonia can be really hard when she gets going and is a top...
    Hi Liz (is that ok?)
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  • But we're fun!
    NO ONE judges here...we can all be what we are safely!!!!!
  • HI MeLiz. I'm Ceeyou a male. I'm neither a dom or a sub, I'm more vanilla. Listen to what your told here, the members will give you good advice. They have been very good to me, helping me out when I've needed anything, and always been there for me.
    They are my friends.
    Ceeyou :)
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