New models not old models

Feel like there is a lot of recycling of models going on. The likes of Yasmin Lee, Natassia Foxxy. While they are great, they were regulars on the site when I first subscribed about 4 years ago. I wanna see more Kylie Maria. Venus Lux, Tara Scott and Aubrey Kate.


  • Pick me pick me!! Lol
  • Of course all the guys here would like to see more of you Kayla!
    Of course I would too, but what about your father?
    I maybe crazy to be thinking like this, but you must be somebody's little girl. With all due respect Your cute little Vagina is now young and tight, and it is ever so precious. Your little pink anus is even cuter. After the men who work at are done ramming all their huge hard cocks into you, it wont be. They must have plenty of soft stretched out old MILFs here to do this work, why you instead of them.
    I'm sorry Kayla but you need to do something to distinguish yourself from the millions of other beautiful young women who want to be porn stars.
    My advice, for what it's worth, is go on a show called 'Naked And Afraid". There the audience spends an hour getting to know a nudist couple. While you will have to survive in the wilderness and things will get rather uncomfortable, it won't be any worse than your carreer in BDSM. Sure, you may get bitten by all these mosquitoes who want to stick their little thing in your warm salty skin and drink a little bit of your blood, but really, at they will put 2 Black dicks into you at the same time, tie you up and flog you, zap you with a stun gun and hold your head under water for as long as they possibly can.
    If you have what it takes to survive all this, you will find that the jungle and the Armory are essentially the same thing except Naked & Afraid is on basic cable, so there will be millions of boys who will watch you and form a little crush on you.
    Would you have a problem being naked on TV?, you don't have to be , You can wear a sort of stringless string bikini that is made out of band aids. In post production they put these blurs over your private areas. Worried about dying of hunger or thirst? You have the 1 man partner there and all these guys in the production crew. When they see you in need, it sort of sets off a reflex that if you go down on them and suckle like a hungry baby, their penis will transform into a nipple that feeds a girl semen that contains water and protein, so the guys there will happily supply you with these important resources, more than you could possibly swallow!
  • My father hates me and he certainly doesn't refer to me as his little girl. I don't mind being a cum drinking slut with a loose asshole. Thanks for the advice but I still want to work for kink and I would begin today if I had the opportunity.
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    sad to hear that about u & your father....

    u mean a cam-KINK Model and/or KINK-vid Model ?

    if i were in a position at KINK or knew someone there in a position i would hire u or strongly recommend u to be.....
  • Well Kayla, your father is wrong, every girl is a princess. Especially one who is as beautiful as you, and is so eager to give pleasure.
    While I can't understand how this happens, I guess some men just can't see how profoundly delightful you look, and what a privilege it would be to have you work for them!
    If you were working for me I would give you a raise every week, just so I could watch you smile when you saw your paycheck!
    Then again, there are so many other lovely girls who want to work in adult entertainment perhaps when you are viewed as just one of this crowd it is not obvious how ****ing marvelous you are.
    Besides, it's not just that you are ever so beautiful, you have a father that deserves to have everybody see how much he has achieved and how he has made our world a more beautiful place by taking part in your creation.
    ,So my solution to this is be a guest on 'Naked And Afraid".
    YOU should be a porn STAR Kayla!
    What the Discovery Channel is offering is an opportunity to show the basic cable audience how marvelous you look, and why there should be a law that would prohibit you from hiding all that beauty behind clothing!979_n
  • In the above illustration we see Honora Bowen. She was a guest on 'Naked And Afraid"
    She is in a goofy bikini contest in which she won First prize,
    I believe the episode she was in was their most dramatic. It was something like a snuff film, and the after the commercials were over we see that she is still alive.
    Notice how in one of the images she appears to be topless when she is really not. The illusion is created by the lack of any sort of straps to hold the top in place, When the central breast area is blurred, her swimsuit appears to be one piece. However this would qualify as acceptable bathing costume on a public beach in the state of Delaware.
    So Kayla you would not actually have to appear before the TV cameras naked, you could wear a bikini made of flesh colored duct tape.
  • Thank you both for the kind comments.

    @gatormanx I am working for kinklive but I'm trying to break into the biz and make some money before doing my own cam work. Right now I live with too many people and have no privacy to perform.

    @goeller I think I may look into the show and maybe apply. It's just the nature of the beast. I have overly religious parents who refuse to accept me as their daughter. Every day is a struggle but I'm making my piece with it. I have done a couple solo shoots for another production company earlier this month and am hoping my career takes off after my shoots are published.
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    :p silly
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