Which trainees would you like watch at upcoming TTOO?

Dear Members,

Which trainees would you like watch at upcoming TTOO?

Best regards


  • I think following trainees would be great:

    Mona Wales
    Roxy Rox
    Cherie Deville
    Delilah Davis
    India Summer
    Ariel X
    Dallas Blaze
    Kristine Kahill
    Missy Minks
    Emma Haize
    Gabriella Paltrova
    Mia Gold
    Riley James
    Rilynn Rae
    Jeze Belle
    Tysen Rich
  • I love the slightly larger girls
  • Hi i would love to see them all in actoin would be nice and to see there beautifull bodys that they have been given :-* :x :bz :P
  • Dear everyone,

    I think also Jenna Ashley would be also a very great trainee.

    Best regards
  • Would love to see Meiko Askara
  • Hi yes it will be very nice thanks for asking looking forward to seeing her in action will be so cool thanks team
  • I would like to see again mz. Berlin and Trina Michaels as trainees! Thanks
  • Yes i would like to seethe both you have mz.Berlin and Tirna Michaels as traineess thanks Matyushkin 90 and to you all and the team here
  • They were both trainees at TTOO long time ago Robbie!

    Here is a link to Trina Michaels first day of training: http://www.thetrainingofo.com/site/clips_flash.jsp?shootId=6724

    And here is a link to Mz Berlin's first day of training:
  • I would love to see mz Berlin on ttoo again and once again in the corset, neck corset and ballet boots doing walking for longer and further and with the arse hook in her from the start
  • Hi KIngbiff i would love to mz Berlin again to just what you have said i would agree with you hole heartedly
  • I would absolutely love to see her in it again, I would also love to know how much difficult it was with the anal hook in com paired to not having it in
  • Hi it would be very nice to see her again all right and thanks for nice Blog Kingbiff xoxo
  • Your welcome robbieh would be nice to know how it felt walking
  • Hi Kingbiff yes i would love to Know what it must be like walkng around etc keep up your good work love it keep it comeing
  • Phoenix Marie and Alia Janine !)
  • Carnt see it bing very comfortable, also ad like to see bobbi starr back and put back into her pridicament bondage on her day 2
  • Hi Kingniff yes it would be nice to see her put through the tight ropes very nice to watch the lovely shoots done
  • My best bit is where she is on her tip toes, anal hook up her arse and nipple clamps and left all alone in the prision cell
  • edited June 2014
    very doubtful there is any femsub 'enthusiast'/fan who would deny Bobbi Starr the opportunity to be 'put thru the ringer' and subjected to some CNC predicament torture
    even with 2 or more girls trying to escape the inevitable.... alas, however it seems there is more demand to see her more Dominate side but there is always hope there will be a cummmmbak....

    ....and Always in ALL ways...Enjoy....Have Fun....KINK-ON.....
  • Mz Berlin should have had to walk say 100 metres for every shovel load of dirt she dident put in hole and boobi starr should have been put though her paces with a bit of excersise befor being put in her pridicament on day two just to make it harder for her
  • Dear Director Mr. James Mogul,

    Thank you very much indeed that you have invited Dani Daniels for the upcoming trainee.

    Please can you also invite following models as trainees:
    Alina Long
    Rilynn Rae
    Mandy Muse
    Roxy Rox
    Rose Red
    Jenna Ashley
    Delilhah Davis
    Janice Griffith
    Amber Chase

    Thanks a lot.

    Best regards
    All the best
  • Hello SirMastermind i like your request for these woman i would back you up to have these woman come her to do there stuff would love to see them in action bring them on cheers for this news :) ;) <:-P =D> :-bd
  • Dear Director Mr. James Mogul,
    Dear TTOO and Kink.com,

    Please bring also following models to TTOO:
    Willow Hayes
    Hailey Young
    Freya French
    Delilah Davis
    Ashley Lane

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards
    All the best
  • Hi SirMastermind thank you it would be nice to all of the above that are mentioned will be very nice to have new one here You all do a very good job at what you are all good at cheers please bring them to the front stage like what you all do for us here :) >:D< ;) ;;) =D> :-bd :P
  • Hello Team of TToO,
    my suggestions for trainees are: Phoenix Marie, Dani Daniels, Cherie Deville or some europeans like Marry Queen or Hannah Claydon.
  • Hi Weckelch , yes bring them on for us all will be very good to see Cheers and thank you :-/ ;) <:-P =D> :-bd ;;) =((
  • Willow Hayes. That'd be great!
  • I would like to see Roxy Rox, Rilynn Rae,Carter Cruise and Lia Lor . Continue the great work ;) .
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