Really want my wife to get into Anal Sex

I've gotten her where she loves to have her Ass Tonged and some playtime (2 fingers) Would really love to know what to give her that will relax her and allow me to play deeper and longer in her Ass. Building up to Toys and Fisting. Any ideas of what will help me get her into the groove.


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  • What a shock! Miss K getting hers worked out! YAY!
    And I bet a good time was had by EVERYONE...
    Concerning the wife issue:
    Miss K give the best advice advice for the physical approach...I would add that some frank discussions with her prior to make sure she's on board COMPLETELY and then you can move on TOGETHER!
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  • I can imagine what went on Miss K...oh I can''d better tell all of us IIN GREAT DETAIL Miss K...but maybe we should use one of our threads???????????
    U doubt the wife in question here wants to get dragged to the woods, bent over a tree and then have her ass done all at once!!!!
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  • Gosh Miss're going to scare the poor wife in this thread!
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  • Now the poor thing is going to be really least until she finds out the pleasure she's in for!
  • is a scary idea at first...but once you've EASED into it you will find it to be yet another way to receive pleasure well as providing pleasure for your loving partner too!
  • Y'know Upher, If you want anal, what a guy like you has to do is get your wife a strap-on. I'm afraid that you and her don't know who is the top and who is the bottom.
    What a real man does in this situation is advise her to make sure her asshole is well lubricated because that is where you are going to ram it in.
    She thinks that is the wrong hole and you are lucky she lets you inside her at all?
    Well if you want her to think you are really sexy then you give the orders and she takes.
    Maybe if you had a Gestapo uniform, she would learn to respect you.
    When you are in a relationship with a woman, you have to be the one who is in the driver's seat.
    I suppose some of you butch ladies here who are liberated women will disagree, well that is because the little spinchter boys you have dated are not the kind of man I have mentioned above. You don't know what it's like to be owned by a man who will make you have an orgasm whenever he wants you to.
  • to goeller: Do you think you are cool "real man"?

    Anal is not an usual way of sex, it needs time and you have to prepare. And to force a woman into anal sex is not what a "real man" would do.
  • Yes...voluntarily is essential!!!!
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    Or should be done at home either Miss K...that's why I always say discussion first..and safety always! Then if she decides she likes it...great...if she doesn't...HER decision!!!!
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