Models we would like to see on Electrosluts!

Hey fivestar, since you asked here are a few models I would like to see on Electrosluts:

Newbies: Subs
Rizzo Ford-She has worked with Lily Cade and is really hot!!
Calie Carter- Hot little blonde.

Veterans: Subs
Alani Pi
Raven Rockette

Ash Hollywood
Ashley Fires
Daisy Ducati & Mona Wales


  • Awesome! Thanks! We've got both Mona and Daisy coming up soon! And since we schedule so far in advance it may be a few months till we can work the others in, but I will do my best!
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    Thanks fivestar your the best!!

  • I am a very interested 34 yr old male
  • rizzo ford is hot as hell..image :)
  • How about izamar Gutierrez?
  • Miss Fivestar, did you have any luck in finding out if Raven Rockette or Adrianna Luna, will be seen on Electro Sluts in the near future. Also I'm sure I'm not alone in congratulating you on the way you have changed the layout of both Electro Sluts and Whipped Ass. =D>
  • these must have been on electro before too :(|)
  • Your right CU...she has done a great job with those sites...
  • nebs. This is a follow up to previous requests to Fivestar regarding these two beautiful ladies. Raven Rockette has been on Electro Sluts before, the last time being November 2014. Adrianna Luna has never done Electro Sluts, but she did do Whipped Ass in one of her first shoots, December 2011.
  • Love Adrianna Luna, still trying to track her down. I was the videographer on her Whipped Ass shoot in 2011. She's so beautiful!
  • I'll keep working on it!
  • Zoey Monroe Pleasssssssee. Jenna Ashley, Aria Alexander, Melissa May, Miley May.
  • Miss fivestar, thank you for your efforts in trying to get these two ladies. I envy you in being the camera operator for Adrianna's shoot. Please keep up the good work. :-*
  • Bring back jealyn fox for first gyro part two with harmony rose as the doctor again. Jealyn should be made to put her nose in harmonys arse for longer
  • Harmony is retired. I'll look into Jealyn, but it's been a long while. :)
  • you're judgement has been wonderful to date Five...keep it up!
  • Harmony was soesn to her subs, and defo have a medical setting
  • I would love to get a friend of mine from Portsmouth in England to go on wired pussy.
  • The combination of Maitresse Madeline Marlowe slave Marcelo will be nice
  • I would love to see another scene with Katharine Cane. Her scenes on Electrosluts are incredible and she seems to shine in live shoots. If possible, please bring her back.
  • We're shooting Katherine Cane on Electrosluts this month
  • More Simone Sonay please fivestar...
  • Fivestar thanks for the heads up concerning Katharine Cane's upcoming shoot on Electrosluts. The Pope said his recent shoot with her on Device Bondage was amazing. I can't wait to see how much painful fun you have with her on Electrosluts.
  • More Simone Sonay please fivestar...
    anyone unfamiliar with the seductively 'sexquisite' Simone Sonay
    [click on above photo]

  • THAT'S the one G!!!!!
    She is good on top and bottom...
  • Simone is good in every shoot she does...the first ES I ever watched was Simone!
  • Would just like to say that we love your website and want to make a suggestion or two. How about incorporating some exotic
    fetish/bdsm models of Asian females or Japanese females background into your video clips. Specifically would love to see models
    with erect, hard, perky and elongated nipples that stick out and most especially for the following scene:

    Several years ago saw a video in which a beautiful submissive model was submitting to a gorgeous female dominatrix who teased, pleased and tortured her beautifully
    erect hard and perky nipples with 2 small green elastic "froot loop" looking devices. Firstly the submissive model was fully restrained onto a soft bdsm chair
    and her wrists were attached to a pole that kept her hands and arms spread apart but comfortable for the model. Additionally, her feet and ankles were restrained
    to prevent excessive struggling. the Mistress then teased her submissive with what turns out are these small green elastic rubber bands that are actually called
    CASTRATION BANDS and it looked like the most intense pleasure/pain for the submissive to experience. The Mistress first moistened the castration bands by placing them in her mouth and subsequently placed the bands upon a pair of "sciccors like" device that when the handles were squeezed stretched the castration bands to 5 to 6 times
    their diameter and then placed the enlarged hole upon your breast with the nipple sticking out of the hole. The Mistress then gently pulled upon the submissive's
    perfectly formed erect hard and perky nipples and simultaneously relaxed the handles on the streching device thus reducing the size of the hole. Just as the prongs or
    tips of the applicator are at their most minimum The Mistress quickly withrew the scissors like applicator leaving the castration band around her nipple gently
    squeezing and slightly enlarging and lengthening and elongating her nipple while it is TRAPPED inside the castration band. The "LOOK" was absolutely amazing and the visual
    stimulation of the "SHOCK" AND "AWE" on the submissive's face was priceless! The Mistress then gently caressed and adored her nipple with the castration band and then
    stuck out her tongue to tease / please her nipple. The Mistress then proceeded to her other nipple and quickly effectively, efficiently, and mercilessly repeated the
    procedure on the submissive's other un-adorned nipple and all the while lovingly, caressingly, and expertly massaging her nipples to heighten lengthen and extend the
    period of torment of attaching the device to her nipple. The camera then panned, zoomed, and then moved to focus the image or her beautifully now adorned nipples with
    the castration bands and zoomed upon her face and then her beautiful erect, hard, and perky nipples. The Mistress then caressed and massaged and gently kissed each of
    her nipples several times and all the while licking the nipples with her tongue and kneading the nipples with her expert fingers and hands. It was quite an exotic
    fetish BDSM scene and will live on in memory. However, how about re-creating this scene once again with a New Gorgeous Female Dominatrix or Mistress who can adorn
    your nipples similarly with such expert and loving care.

    The Mistress coyly and slyly teases the submissive with soothing and taunting words of encouragement and even a little mockery and walks over to her accessory table
    and picks up a neurological wartenberg wheel that is used to test sensitivity of the flesh or skin of a patient. The Mistress slowly walks back to the submissive asking
    her if she knows what the device in her hand is. The submissive shakes her head not knowing what the device is nor its function. The Mistress proceeds to physically
    demonstrate the use of the wartenberg wheel using the submissive's body as a canvas to gently roll the spiked points on the roller wheel across her nipples, breasts,
    abdomen, her pubic mons, along the top of the thighs and up to her armpits and upper arms. The submissive shrieks with surprise and wonder with eyes following the
    Mistress' every movement of the wartenberg upon her body. The Mistress continues to play with her submissive using the wartenberg wheel and all the while explaining
    what she is doing to the submissive and enjoying her response to the sensory overload sensation being played out upon her body. The Mistress stops every once in a while
    to ellicit a specific response from the submissive who squeals with pain/pleasure. The Mistress abruptly stops and picks up the wartenberg wheel and hovers it directly
    in front of the submissive's eyes and tells her that this is "NOT ALL THIS LITTLE DEVICE DOES".

    The Mistress gives the submissive model a small break but once again uses words of comfort to calm the model and proceeds to her accessory table and retrieves a TENS
    unit and attaches to pads to the handles of the wartenberg wheel. The Mistress now has an evil look within her eyes and explains the "IMPROVED" version of the wartenberg
    wheel has new functions when attached to the TENS unit. At the first touch of the wartenberg wheel the submissive
    screams out in a shrieking pain and discomfort and all the while the Mistress has an exceedingly pleased look with an evil grin and wild eyes of delight at the
    suffering of her restrained and bonded submissive model. The Mistress continues to roll the wartenberg wheel upon her body and the submissive model nearly goes wild with
    a passionate and nearly orgasmic scream of pain/pleasure delight. The Mistress pauses momentarily every once and a while with the submissive wriggling and struggling
    to desperately get away from the device. The Mistress asks question of the submissive model as to what it feels like and the submissive is unable to even describe
    in words what it feels like except that she wants it to stop. The Mistress continues and then suggests to the submissive that the electrified wartenberg wheel feels
    like thin tiny electrical cuts that slice into the skin penetrating into her flesh. The submissive is in full panic mode as the Mistress continues to prod poke and pester
    her submissive's body with the wartenberg wheel. After several more passes of the electrified wartenberg wheel along the submissive's body the Mistress gets bored
    and decides to give her submissive girl a break. The submissive female model relaxes in her bonds but is absolutely distraught with small beads of sweat on her body,
    abdomen, breasts, legs and arms. The camera pans and zooms in on her beautiful body and the CASTRATION BANDS still remain firmly around her nipples. The Mistress
    appears with another small device and this time it is a small pair of hooked scissors and slowly, gently, and effectively uses the scissors to cut the CASTRATION BANDS
    and rolls them off the submissive model's perfectly erect nipples. The submissive is screaming like a "banshee in heat" as the bands are removed and illicits YELPS of
    extreme pain/pleasure like a wave of orgasmic pleasure as the Mistress continues to play with her nipples by rolling them in her fingers and kneading the nipples
    between her fingertips. The Mistress complements the submissive on such a wonderful performance and gently kisses her upon the lips as a reward for her orgasm that
    has yet to be experienced.

    We absolutely love your models and especially the submissive models. Some ideal candidates for the submissive role would be: Zara DuRuse, Beretta James, Ariel X,
    Mia Li, Mia Austin, Denise, Anna Rose, Eris Maximo, Ashley Renee, Wenona, Amaranta LaBlanche, Cold Embrace, Annie Cruz, Mona Wales, Gia DiMarco, Amber West, Elise Graves, Venus Black, Cynth Icorn, Alexis, Aurora Snow, Ariel X,
    Amarantha, Chastina, Karina, Kimberly, Mei Mara-(PERFECT NIPPLES), Adira, Shelly, Busty, Estrella, Zoe and Marlin.
  • Thank you Fivestar for the incredibly sexy Electro Sluts scene between Nikki Darling and Katharine Cane. I always enjoy watching Katharine on Kink, but you showed a sensuality mixed with the torment that I have not seen in her previous scenes. I thought there was great chemistry between Nikki and Katharine which made the scene hotter. Nikki did a terrific job as the dom and Katharine was great as usual as the sub. Great shoot. Hope to see Katharine and Nikki again. Keep up the great work
  • Good work ..
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