EverythingButt.com gone....but dont panic

I wanted to post to let you all know that Kink is moving towards having 1 universal website. kink.com We are moving to a new platform which will look drastically different. Please PLEASE PLEASE take a look at the site and leave any feedback ( positive and negative) so we can develop the site into one that works for the users. everythingbutt.com will not longer exist as you know it. it will be redirected to http://www.kink.com/site/everythingbutt
It is very important you let us know your thoughts. Please use the feedback button on the site on the right side to post your feed back or write to customer service.


  • Thanks for keeping us posted Ariel...
    One request...will there be a link on the new site to the forums?
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    good point Alex...

    hopefully the Forum info/data will not be lost
  • If the data gets lost sir, we can always start again like we did the last time! I'm always positive sir...
  • I have requested to have a link to a the forums put inthe nav bar or somewhere easily accessible. Thank you keep suggestions coming. No data from the forum will be lost!!!
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    got to KEEP hbn - happy & in the loop.....

    hbn-no argument there ....

    the optimist vs pessimist - thats for another day, another thread ....

    being pro-active hmmmmmm.....
  • That is good news Ariel...for all us us forum users!
    PS: Hi Gmanx!
  • Thanks Miss Ariel!
  • Thanks for info...image :)
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