Scene idea: Revenge of the anal-subs?

What about a scenario like this: Let's say that a domme like #FrancescaLe or #IsisLove is triying to dominate [needless to say, doh] a girl like #SavannahFox, #CaseyCalvert or #CiciRhodes and suddenly another girl like #SyrenDeMer or #SimoneSonay appears and she helps the young girl to put the domme in her place.
Now the fun begins: they put a strap-on in #Francesca or #Isis mouth and they make her fuck their pussies and asses to show her what she is going to go through. After that they fill their asses with fake gooey-cum and they finger each other to spill it out in their sub´s face, then they put her in this position [while her face is all covered with ass-gooey-cum]:

They fill her ass with two or three fake gooey-cum metal syringe shots and they plug her up with a small buttplug so that she can easily shoot it out [along with the gooey-cum] while they fuck her pussy with the dick-on-a-stick [no close-up, just a mid-shoot like in the picture so that we can appreciate her entire body while she is gettiing fucked].
Then they fill her ass again [two or three shots] and they make her fuck it out herself squatting over a rippled dildo and spreading her ass like this [again, no close-up, just a mid-shoot like in the picture so that we can appreciate her entire body while she is gettiing fucked]:

Finally the girls have their way with the sub by using strap-on, medium to big buttplugs, anal beads, metal balls, and fists [they also make her fist her own ass].
To end the scene the three girls use water enemas to clean their asses and they fuck the water out of their sub =)

So... what do you think about this kind of scenario where an #Everythingbutt regular domme [#IsisLove-#FrancescaLe-#KrissyLynn-#ArielX-#LeaLexus, but especially the first two] gets a taste of her own medicine? ;)

PS: #MissArielX keep rocking! all the scenes you´ve directed so far are top notch quality =)


  • the 'WonderFULL' Aiden Starr & Love-Goddess-Isis Top each other .....

    other than that the Love-Goddess wont be submitting on KINK any time soon especially to a sub......
  • to evb4life: Your idea sound great, it makes definitely more fun to watch a Scene with a Story. Your Story is great.

    Now I want to tell my opinion:
    I prefer Scenes with two models, beacause only then I can enjoy the beauty of this model. If there are three models it`s a little bit to much. The best is a model is sub the other domm and in the act the focus lays on the sub.

    My favorites for the sub are Francesca Le or Krissy Lynn.

    PS: Thank you Ariel X for your directed scenes they are great, fantastic and interesting to watch. And ist very good that you are present in the forum and read our writing.
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