yer what happened to the pictures they have seemed to have vanished

Once we could watch the pictures to get an idea of how the match went before wasting time. now we can not do that why??? I notice the format of showing has changed. Ultimate surrender used ti be great but now that's changed too so it getting to the point of why do bother renewing my sub how does every one else feel about this too.


  • Sadly I think the new format has not really technically worked. I hope they fix this soon. This is not user-friendly unfortunately. Sebastian, I hope subscribers' concern are investigated. It would be sad if the, otherwise, awesome website is ruined.
  • 2 Months and still nothing has been done are you really interested in clients because if you are not then I'm pulling me subscristion
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Every Thing used to work just great then they upgraded it ??? so now it worse than ever 3 months ago they admitted it wasn't user friendly but have done any thing about it no not a nisst. Point is are they really interested in doing any about??? Why don't they be honest and say no, we are not interested then we would know to pull the plug??
  • you may not be able to view them anymore jpascoe
  • Oh well if that's the case then I'm pulling the plug
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